Customer Quotes

Customer Quotes

Our customers love everything about Brightree – easy implementation, training, customer care, features, functionality, and our people! We invite you to explore this sampling of what our customers are saying.

Cut Costs
“We have been able to get bills out much more quickly and cleanly than before. We’ve increased our billing by 50% while cutting our agency’s costs by 1/3rd. That is huge for us.”
2011 KLAS Report
I have never experienced a company whose responsiveness, professionalism and commitment is anywhere close to Brightree. Brightree continually raises the bar on customer service excellence.
Mike Price, Owner , Theratech, Inc. Madison, TN
Customer Serivce
"The customer service within Brightree is one of their greatest assets. I have never had a bad experience with anyone I have talked with or needed help from."
Stephenie Shkuratoff, Reimbursement & CSR Specialist , Vantage Home Respiratory, Meadville, PA
Paid Faster
Brightree combined with my software has made DME billing almost effortless. I submit bills easily and get paid faster than ever before. And when I call Brightree for support, I speak to one of the customer care reps who are always so helpful!
Mathew Parisi, Owner , Little Silver Family Pharmacy, Little Silver, NJ
A Breeze
"Brightree is a powerful tool and by far the easiest I have used in this industry. Technical support and training makes setting this system up a breeze."
Renee Robison, Office Manager , Newman Inc., Mobile, AL
Robust Tools
"The Brightree system has given us a host of robust tools to control and track our inventory, bill for that inventory, and then collect what we are owed. Brightree is so much easier to use than our old system. It is stable, reliable, secure, and is constantly being updated. It is so nice to be able to work from log-in to log-out without any “frozen” screens.”
Randy Robin, Owner , Better Living Medical Equip. & Svcs., Nederland, Texas
With Brightree, I enjoy increased productivity from my billers & staff. Orders are placed, confirmed, & billed seamlessly with no need to check inventory, so there is less time spent on paperwork. Our inventory is exact, which is a first for my company! With Brightree's Report Generator, I know what my billers are doing, I know where my money is, and I know the areas where I need to educate my staff. It is so much easier to close our books at month's end. Posting from ERNs is quick and easy. Billers are able to work in several patients' accounts simultaneously. Brightree Customer Support is very professional and always addresses our issues quickly. The free Brightree Lunch & Learn sessions are better than sending my office to an industry seminar; and save me a lot of dollars! With these sessions, I know that my staff will get the most from Brightree's web-based program. These are great ongoing education tools! I knew our old system was slowing down the productivity of my staff. Employee salaries are my largest expense; with all of the cuts, I needed to increase productivity of my staff! Brightree's web-based system means it is easier to maintain and always up to date. Thanks for helping to make my staff more productive!
Helen Kent, President , Progressive Medical, Vista, California
With Brightree people are always so friendly, helpful and patient.
Lisa Makranyi, Administrator , Option Care, Tulsa, OK
Much Faster
"The great thing is that it allows us to grow at a much faster rate because we can open a new location and … we are up and running instantly.”
2011 KLAS Report
Awesome Reports
"With Brightree's awesome reports we can see a true picture of our A/R. Access to EOBs while looking at patient A/R makes working A/R a lot quicker. I would highly recommend Brightree to anyone."
Sherri Brown , Carolina Home Medical, New Bern, NC
Brightree has excellent staff, friendly service, is very knowledgeable and we appreciate the support. Brightree is really a great tool for all DME providers, we recommend to everyone!
Riaz Lohrasbi, Executive Assistant , At Home Medical Supplies LLC, Nashville, TN
Brightree has made our lives and our jobs so much easier. It is convenient, easy to use, and intuitive for new users. There is a great support system for when I don't understand what to do or how to do it.
Hayley Thornhill , TLC Medical, Smyrna, TN
"I have yet to find a system that even comes close to Brightree. I have been involved in the DME business for the last 25 years and have had the opportunity to use many billing systems and I would recommend Brightree above all others."
Anna Belleau, Owner / Treasurer , Sault Oxygen Inc., Sault St. Marie, MI
Brightree has proven to be an amazingly advanced and user friendly electronic billing, records maintenance and inventory control system. It has been of great benefit to achieve all of these tasks within the confines of one system.
Mickey Duncan, CEO , Medic-Aire Inc., Muskogee, OK
User Friendly
I love Brightree and never want to use another billing program. It is very user friendly and very good for management planning.
DeAnn Garrison, Billing, Administrator , Medic-Aire, Muskogee, OK
The Best
"I have been in the HME business for almost 20 years. In my experience with many different software companies, Brightree is the best; and gives us all the tools we need to run a successful business."
Deborah Mills, Billing Manager , OxygenPlus, Manchester, Tennessee
“I am glad we have Brightree to help back us up in our daily efforts to remain compliant to all CMS codes and standards.”
Cheryl R. Walls, RN , QAPI Coordinator, Reflections Hospice of Crisp Regional
“Brightree has streamlined our processes a great deal, from admissions to care delivery all the way through to billing.”
Susan Bennett , Spanish Oaks Hospice
I only wish I had heard of Brightree earlier! We have had tremendous success in lowering our DSO by 10 to 15 days. Great product!!!
Scott Perkins, VP/GM , Bradley Medical Equipment, Cleveland, TN
Know Their Stuff
"Brightree trainers have so much DME knowledge and they really know their stuff. Using Brightree I have yet to run into a question or scenario that their customer service department hasn't been able to immediately solve. The training process has been seamless and very efficient."
Stephanie Sutton, Billing Manager , Mountaineer Oxygen Services Inc., Waynesville, NC
User Friendly
"Brightree has been a value add to our company. Easy and thorough step by step training for new hires, inventory management, on demand features and reporting. We especially utilize the customer reorder schedule capability so we don't miss a beat. I have used many other programs and systems out in the marketplace today but Brightree has been the BEST and most user friendly system available. Thank you Brightree!"
Dallas Duhon, Owner , Patients Care Medical Supply Inc., New Iberia, LA
"Brightree has captured my 35 years of sales and marketing experience into their software platform. BrightSALES elevates your sales operation to a new level of sophistication and integrates sales management with the rest of your business to ensure you have accurate, actionable information."
Louis Feuer, Expert , Industry Sales & Marketing
The Best
Having used 5 different DME software programs, Brightree is by far the best.
Angela Winstead, Billing Mgr , Pulmacare, Morristown, TN
Life Saver
Brightree has been a life saver for us. It is so nice to be able to have reports and accuracy. In my opinion, using Brightree is one of the smartest decisions we could have made.
Stephenie Brooks , Blue Dot Medical Inc, Jackson, MS
No Comparison
“There’s no comparison between a web-based and a server-based system.”
Anonymous , Spanish Oaks Hospice
Brightree's customer service team is wonderful. They are always quick to respond and work hard to resolve issues.
Christine Harrison, Director of Administration , MaxCare Bionics, Indianapolis, IN
Open Doors
Brightree Lunch and Learn sessions give my staff time saving tips and open doors for the resolution of claim rejects.
Mattie Guidry, Manager , Quality Medical Care and Services LLC, Ville Platte, LA
Cutting Edge
"Brightree Home Health is a long-term solution for us, one we can grow with, and one that will keep our agency on the cutting-edge of home health care. It allows us to be proactive in providing the best possible service to our referral sources, our patients and their families.”
Wendy Cofran , Chief Information Officer for Natick Visiting Nurse Association
Great Tool
"Brightree has been a great business tool. It has allowed us to focus on key areas of our business in these times of decreased payments for services"
Brad Lipham, Owner , Durable Medical Equipment Inc., LaGrange, GA
Brightree has enhanced our efficiency as a provider in a number of areas. First, because it is an Internet-based system, it can be accessed from any computer with Internet access. That allows our managers, therapists and technicians to have uninterrupted connection to our patient and physician databases. Second, the reporting allows manipulation of data to extract any information desired. Third, the “e-claims” module increases billing efficiencies with front-end edits, denial management and auto-posting of electronic remittances. Lastly, Brightree is open to integration with other software which has allowed us to begin the process of going paperless, scanning all patient information into the Brightree system. We have been in the HME business since 1994 and this is our third billing system. Neither of the previous billing systems offered the features, the flexibility or, most importantly, the customer service and support. Even though the Brightree system offers us efficiencies today, they are always researching enhancements they can offer in the future, such as point of delivery. Med Emporium believes Brightree is the best solution for billing in the HME industry.
Mary Ann Largen, Owner , Med Emporium, Charlotte, NC
Jyl Creighton, Lead Biller , Reliable Medical Supply, Kansas City, KS
Extremely Happy
"We have been extremely happy with Brightree's capabilities. It is so much easier to use than other HME software. The reporting capabilities allow you to customize and manage your business effectively."
Beth Schieber, Principal , Home Medical Express Inc., Elmhurst, IL
So Excited
"I just got my first Brightree electronic fax CMN back. I'm so excited! The clarity was great and the turn-around was less than 12 hours. I LOVE IT!"
Sarah Cotner, Vice President , Moore's Home Health, Kokomo, IN
Brightree has saved us tons of time with On-Demand EOBs. Before, this process was very time consuming and it took forever to get claims out. The ability to auto-post an EOB from Medicare is a great feature. Brightree has lots more fantastic features that most other companies we shopped do not even have. Brightree helps us stay current with Medicare requirements and updates as well. We are very happy with Brightree and would highly recommend them to anyone wanting a solution to save them time and improve their A/R.
Niecee Reed, Manager , Jefferson Pharmacy, Ranson, West Virginia
Very Responsive
Brightree was the best decision we ever made. Our cash flow has dramatically improved while paperwork has greatly reduced. Brightree’s support team stands above them all. Awesome! Very responsive!
Christine Harrison, Director of Administration , MaxCare Bionics, Indianapolis, IN
Best Software
In today's market Brightree is the best billing software on the market for DME. On their platform they continue to make improvements and there is no new software to purchase and load.
Kenneth Friend, Manager , Quality Home HealthCare Inc, Sanford, NC
Cutting Edge
"Brightree stays on the cutting edge of all aspects of electronic billing. They enable our business to continue growing by leaps and bounds."
April Andersen , Med Emporium LLC, Charlotte, NC
Very Helpful
I was looking for a business partner who was interested in growing with me and growing with the HME industry; one that stayed abreast of the constant challenges of billing HME; and a company whose owners and employees have hands-on experience in the industry. I found all of that in Brightree. When you speak, Brightree listens. They incorporate your needs and ideas into their ongoing upgrade process. Largely because the initial investment is so low, the Brightree solution offers absolutely superior returns compared to all other systems I have used in the past. I do not need to worry about hard drive crashes or security issues because I know that Brightree uses the latest technology to keep that information safe and secure. Brightree's online training is not only very effective and user-friendly, but it also costs much less than needing to send my staff off to a training center in another state. Brightree's support is easy, accessible, effective, and very helpful.
Dewayne Hutchison, Owner , ProCare Respiratory & Home Medical, Douglas, Georgia
Great System
"Brightree is a great system! We love the on-demand EOB's and all the denial management tools. Brightree is always looking for and implementing new ways to make the system even better and more customer friendly."
Karen Hurst, Billing Supervisor , Advanced Medical Supply, Duncan, OK
Changed My Life
"Brightree has changed my life. With Brightree, I go to bed at night without worrying about billing. It is so easy to use and understand. I wish I had changed a year ago, when I first heard the name Brightree."
Tammi Scott, Owner , Scott Medical, Baytown, Texas
The Best Move
"With Brightree every order, EOB, CMN and Purchase Order is just a click away. I believe our whole company would be in agreement that this was the best move our company could have made."
Jaivon Ewing , Carolina Home Medical, New Bern, NC
“For a large organization like ours, the flow of information that Brightree provides is vital to our ability to provide better care and stay in compliance.”
Ginger Parrish, PhD , Director Albemarle Homecare & Hospice
Brightree is not just billing software; it is a complete business management system. Brightree has streamlined our workflow dramatically and made us far more efficient. The impact -- from the inventory, to the initial referral, to the delivery, to getting the CMN, to billing every party -- has yielded significant improvements to our inventory management, collections, and DSO. Brightree is user-friendly, intuitive, and follows the DME workflow perfectly. All of this capability is supported by the best customer care team anywhere, making Brightree the best solution for DME, hands down!
Brad Heath, Manager , Family Medical Supply, Dunn, NC
"Brightree's web-based design is 21st century technology in an industry that has not typically been a leader in the use of technology. We are impressed with Brightree's product, people, philosophy, and dedication to making everything work for us and make us successful."
Linda Baker Ainsworth, Owner , TruCare Medical, Mt. Pleasant, Texas
"Brightree helps us ensure correct billing the first time, which increases profitability by keeping our AR lower and putting more money in the bank quickly. The Brightree training has been invaluable to better organize our billing and inventory system. Brightree's Customer Support is prompt and reliable, which is something we did not have with our previous software vendor. Before choosing Brightree, I had researched customer service from people already using Brightree, and everyone had great feedback. And Brightree is so user-friendly, unlike the DOS-based system we were using before."
Troy Clements, Manager , Idaho Home Health, Twin Falls, Idaho
I give Brightree an A+
Melissa Geohagan, Office Asst , Advanced Medical Supply, Duncan, OK
Brightree has brought so much organization to our office. It is nice to be able to find patient information without going to the filing cabinet.
Tracie Osborn, Independent Consultant , MedLink Services, Clarendon, TX
Better Care
“We’re closely tracking our patient re-hospitalization rates as part of our evidence-based practice. The discharge transfer summary report helps us keep our eye on patient outcomes and clinicians use the falls detail report to drive better patient care.”
Karen Adams , Specialty Home Health
User Friendly
The Brightree program is very user friendly. This program has helped to make my job easier to do.
Deborah Lorow, Customer Service Rep , TlC Medical, Nashville, TN
"Having used Brightree for a year now, we are constantly finding new ways to utilize the system for advanced ease in all aspects of the business."
Kenna Anderson, Billing Manager , MedStar Home Medical, Lehi, UT
Brightree has facilitated the growth of our DME business and helps us to manage all of our processes much more efficiently.
Tammy Clark , U-Save Pharmacy & Medical Supply, McCook, NE
Do Jobs Better
"Brightree has helped to streamline our billing operations. We now need less people to do more work. Thanks for helping us do our jobs better."
Niecee Reed, Implementation Project Manager , Ranson, WV
"Brightree is the most innovative software solution in the HME industry. Brightree has helped us increase our collection percentages across all product lines , which has helped us to offset the majority of the reimbursement cuts that our industry has had to absorb. Because Brightree is so intuitive, user-friendly, and web-based, our staff has become more efficient. Brightree’s customer service is great -- You always get a knowledgeable technical support person that is able to answer questions on the spot. I truly feel we have a competitive business advantage over companies that are not running Brightree."
Kevin Bilderback, CEO , BlueDot Medical, Inc., Charlotte, North Carolina
Saved Hours
The on-demand EOBs have literally saved hours a week with secondary claims filing. We no longer have to stand at the copying machine and make copies of EOBs or pull out the Sharpie and black out line after line for claim after claim. Thank you so much.
Tina Behselich, Manager , Mobility Healthcare, Amarillo, Texas
"By utilizing the reports from Brightree, we collected on average $50,000 more per month or $600,000 for the year."
David Baxter, President , Medical Necessities & Services
"The level of support and additional (free) training from Brightree is unsurpassed!"
Daniel Meekins, Manager , Mobility Express of Sebring, Sebring, Florida
Quality Product
"Brightree employees act and perform as if they were owners themselves. There is such tremendous buy-in from all the employees to deliver the highest quality product. We have found that Brightree and the Brightree Staff is determined to be on the cutting edge in both service and technology."
David Siegel , Nationwide Medical Inc., Agoura Hills, CA
User Friendly
We have just gone through a conversion software changeover into Brightree. I have to tell you that Brightree made this process so much nicer than the last conversion we did. My entire staff loves the Brightree software. It has to be the most user friendly system out there. The support is outstanding with instant replies, and follow up and faster payments (which is a huge plus in these times)! You can't go wrong!
Joe Lybrook, Vice President of Operations , Bluegrass Oxygen Inc. Lexington, KY
"The Brightree scheduler is fantastic! It's simple to see if any staffer is in a different office or out of the office. And the reports allow me to easily identify new patients for marketing purposes."
Heather Brown, Office Manager , Atlanta Prosthetics & Orthotics, Atlanta, GA
Daily Value
In Brightree, I receive extreme daily value. Our DSO has plummeted dramatically since moving to Brightree. The great thing about Brightree is that a sales order can be confirmed while a patient is in the store. Brightree allows me to push responsibility for order entry closer to the front of the process. Brightree is easy and intuitive. There are so many features and safeguards built into the system that it is like having a billing person looking over the shoulder of my non-billing staff. In Brightree, we got everything we were hoping for, and more. We have been so pleased to have electronic submissions happen automatically. Brightree is as close to real-time as you can get. Another benefit is the ease of setting up the system. With Brightree, you just hit the Internet -- No need to worry about software, hardware, or data networking. Brightree is the easy part when I move or open a new office.
Jason Rogers, Manager , Care Medical of Athens, Athens, Georgia
Great Service
"Brightree gives us so many features that just weren’t there in our old system. It has allowed us to do so much more in our business because there's so little to worry about in our billing system. Since signing on with the Brightree eClaims system for our major payers, we’ve seen turnaround times of as little as 5 days on our claims. With Brightree's great service and support in addition to everything else, there’s just no other product on the market worth buying. For us there’s only one choice: Brightree."
Frank Straub IV, Manager , Saint Marys Pharmacy, Inc., St Marys, PA
The Cadillac
Brightree is the Cadillac; the other software applications are skateboards!
Michelle Lillie, Insurance Manager , Hope Medical, Alexandria, LA
Brightree's denial management reports are great. I also think the note documentation system is extremely valuable and easy to use.
Jennifer Blancarte, Collections Mgr , Extrakare, Norcross, GA
Paid Way Quicker
I am happy and I get paid way quicker now than I ever have in my life. I used to work with a billing service and got paid once a month, now I get money every day.
Todd Behrens , Southern Comfort Medical Supply, LLC, Galveston, TX
New Way To Go
"Brightree's support and staff have shown us the way of the DME billing future! Brightree is the new way to go for any medical supply company who wishes to collect their A/R the 1st time around."
Monse Trevino, Billing Manager , San Juan Pharmacy, San Juan, TX
Superior Service
I just wanted to drop you a note regarding our progress with Brightree. EXCELLENT SERVICE!!! I don't give compliments often and they must be truly earned. I have been a nurse and managed a medical practice for nearly 20 years........... your company is providing superior service. When I call on the phone, everyone seems to know "who we are". I'm not sure that's good....... we might be infamous trying to do a conversion, inventory entry and bill in one month's time!! Each person we have dealt with has chuckled at our time line and then said they will try to help us meet it. No person has slowed us down! I realized we are asking for an unusual start up............ your company has been up to the task so far!! The company we bought could not get custom reports from QS1. Brightree’s implementation team showed us how to hand enter all the diagnosis, height and weight information. We were trying to run reports when your phone system was down so they called us from home. They turned around the conversion data in three days, gave it to me on a Friday and I returned in on Monday..............your team had already loaded it to our system. They worked around Ann Marie and I being in the system with no complaints. I can never give your implementation team enough compliments. They are amazing. We went through videos 1 - 21 in a week with her. They also chuckled at our time line and then said they would not slow us down. They have not.................. we needed their help after we started inventory all weekend. The team made an hour for us on Monday gladly. This has been a lot of information quickly and they have hit all the important areas and let us go in the order we needed in our time frame. We are having a great experience with your company and I just wanted to take a minute to share this with you. We, of course, are not sleeping with this time frame............. but that is our choice. Brightree has met and exceeded our expectations to this point.
Bonnie DeMuth, Nurse Manager , 888 Medical Supplies, LLC, Eustis, FL
"The Invacare HCS staff is nice, courteous, and informative. Their wealth of experience and methods of “soft collections” ensure that they maximize collections without upsetting my customers.; Our patient collections have never been better."
Bo Brown, Owner , Mobility Healthcare, Lewisville, TX
Love It
"Brightree has delivered everything they promised, and more! We love it!"
Nikkola Foster, Manager , Blue Mountain Medical, Richland, Washington
"We recently switched software from CAU to Brightree and are thrilled! I work in accounts receivable and my re-bill time has been cut it half. I am so glad we made the switch!"
Vicci Rezk, Billing Manager , Punxsy/Rezk Medical Supply, Carrolltown, PA
"Brightree has saved my business! I am so pleased with our decision. Everyone is very helpful and really knows their stuff!"
Kim Lyons, Owner , L&L Homecare, Nacagdoches, Texas
"By using Brightree we perform more tasks efficiently so we improve the overall productivity and profitability of the company. It's that simple. The Internet access is awesome because I can log on anytime, anywhere and check my AR status and all the orders placed each day. It's a bonus to have a provider like Brightree that was founded by a HME owner because they know exactly what we need to run our business effectively and efficiently."
Jason Colbert, Director of Operations , Meadows Home Medical, Vidalia, Georgia
Patient Care
“We’re closely tracking our patient re-hospitalization rates as part of our evidence-based practice. The discharge transfer summary report helps us keep our eye on patient outcomes and clinicians use the falls detail report to drive better patient care.”
Theresa S. , North Carolina
Above & Beyond
The Brightree management features allow us to catch mistakes, the reporting features are above and beyond anything else on the market, and the automated billing system has saved our company countless man-hours.
Jonathan Rezk, Billing / IT Mgr. , Punxsy Medical Supply, Carrolltown, PA
“After this audit, we’re confident that Brightree is the right solution to protect us from RAC audits and other forms of scrutiny that are seemingly inevitable in home care and hospice today”
Ginger Parrish, PhD , Director Albemarle Homecare & Hospice
Into a Lexus
When I moved to Brightree, I felt like I stepped out of a VW Rabbit and into a Lexus
Rick Puckett, President & COO , LifeSource Medical, Greensboro, NC
Recommend It
Brightree is very simple to use and a lot better then the software we used to have. I would recommend it to anyone.
Jessica Horne, Billing Mgr , Pro Med, Ahoskie, NC
“Not only are we seeing a reduction in the time required to document visits but a more thorough clinical documentation application, which is vital in an era of increasing regulatory requirements."
Wendy Cofran , Chief Information Officer for Natick Visiting Nurse Association
User Friendly
"I think Brightree is very user friendly. I am so glad that we switched over to Brightree. It makes my life so much easier."
Tracey Newcome, CSR , Respiratory Care Associates, Winchester, VA
Valued Partner
Brightree has become my most valued business partner. It began on Day 1, when a Brightree HME expert conducted an orientation so we could tailor the system and the training to our specific needs. The subsequent training sessions were awesome - detailed, thorough, and effective. Once we were up and running, it was important for us to know we'd have competent and timely answers to our support questions whenever we needed it. And with Brightree, we knew we'd get a live person when issues arose. We have been very pleased with our entire experience. Using an On-Demand system like Brightree is different than the old fashioned way. This is not just a piece of software you buy - this is a full service solution. I don't need to worry about managing and maintaining hardware or installing software updates; or updating Medicare codes, or price tables. The Brightree folks do all of that for me automatically, around the clock, 24 X 7 X 365. There's a huge peace of mind in having them on my team. One of the main reasons we chose Brightree was that it is endorsed by VGM. When Van Miller stands behind something, I am confident I am getting a quality product from a quality organization. More than ever, on the heels of Hurricane Katrina, I understand the importance of disaster recovery. If my equipment should go down or a disk drive crashes, I just go buy a new desktop PC and I am immediately back in business.
Doug Amheiser, Owner , Legacy Medical, Troy, Ohio
Are Great!
"Brightree ... You guys are great! Your system is the best on the market. I have never had a medical billing software system that allowed me to build a new patient file with all the necessary data to generate the CMN forms with the delivery ticket ... so rapidly! Brightree really keeps us on track with timely release of the follow up CMN forms."
Mona Alseth, Manager , Synergy Home Health & Wound Care, San Diego, California
Blown Away
"We switched from another online HME system and WOW! We were blown away by how much better Brightree is! It's evident that Brightree has solid core DME experience in their blood, which shows through in all aspects of the software experience."
Josh Parnes, COO , Ocean Home Health, Lakewood, New Jersey
"It's a bonus to have a software partner like Brightree that was founded by a HME owner because they know exactly what we need to run our business effectively and efficiently."
Jason Colbert, Director of Operations , Meadows Home Medical Vidalia, GA
Easy Process
"Brightree was a great addition to our office. We are so happy to get On-Demand EOBs. I love the easy process of filing claims to Medicare and other insurances. Thanks Brightree!"
Tricia Player, Biller , Home Medical Supplies Moncks, Corner, South Carolina
Saves Time
Filing claims electronically with Brightree saves us time and paper. Not needing to call Medicare to verify eligibility saves us tons of time. To any healthcare dealer out there that is not signed up with Brightree, you don't know what you're missing!
Kim Crowe , Specialized Mobility, Chapin, SC
Thank you Brightree for your commitment in continuous improvement and problem-resolution with remarkable turn-a-round time. The working relationship with Brightree is awesome!
Jody Coulter, Controller , Wheelchair and Walker Rentals Inc., El Paso, TX
The Best
In today's market Brightree is the best billing software on the market for DME. On their platform they continue to make improvements and there is no new software to purchase and load.
Kenneth Friend, Manager , Quality Home HealthCare Inc, Sanford, NC
Worth It
"It takes some work to get Brightree set up, but it is totally worth it. Brightree has helped us to be more disciplined and increase our efficiency. The customer statements are phenomenal. In 4 months we have only had 4 billing questions and all of these were very simple to resolve with Brightree."
Travis Hall, General Manager , MedStar Home Medical, Lehi, Utah
Listen & Work
"Brightree releases are proof that they listen and work with their customers. It is very satisfying to see a need addressed in real life applications without having to wait years!"
Patricia Roebuck, Manager , CornerStone Medical Services, Akron, OH
Stands Above All
I have used 5 systems over the last 15 years and Brightree stands above them all. Brightree gives me total control of all areas of our company. Brightree offers tremendous value. My company does not have to purchase or maintain a server network-- workstations on a wireless network are inexpensive & perform very well using Brightree. My on-going fees with Brightree are less than maintenance & service contracts with anyone else, plus everything is included! Brightree's web-based functionality allows my employees to work from anywhere, anytime -- home, office, the airport, or even vacation! Brightree Customer Service is prompt and knowledgeable; and we always get a live person or a prompt call back. We chose Brightree because of their partnership with VGM, the overall value we receive daily, and the flexibility and cost savings that a web-based product offers. Brightree is the best HME software I have ever used. Its fast, it tracks inventory, lot numbers, repairs and maintanance. The on-call drivers even print tickets from home! This is the real best deal in HME software.
Tim Van Antwerp, Owner , Van's Medical Equipment, Benton Harbor, Michigan
Brightree is much easier to use than the Dezine system we had prior.
Wanda McCrea , Wuesthoff Health Systems, Rockledge, FL
"Brightree has so many positives I could be here all day talking about them. I really like the program and recommend it to anyone."
Tricia Player, Asst Manager , Medical Supplies & Equipment USA, Bonneau, SC
"As a nationwide provider, Brightree’s Internet platform provides us with unlimited points of access anywhere in the USA. This is key for us. Predictable monthly operating costs, scalability, and little if any burden on our internal infrastructure are bonuses."
Pat Chelf, Vice President , Otto Bock HealthCare, Tempe, AZ
Its Great!
Brightree on-demand EOBs is a wonderful tool to have. It allows you to make adjustments on a patients account without having to lift a single piece of paper. I think its great!
Jackie Ford, Insurance Biller , Montgomery Medical Equipment, Mount Vernon, GA
Great Feature
"Using Brightree I discover another great feature every day- thank you."
Elizabeth Tietjen , Classic Sleepcare, Agoura Hills, CA
Thanks to Brightree our company is more paperless than ever and moving even further in that direction. No more shuffling through mounds of remits or spending unnecessary time at the copier.
Lisa Smiddy , NPL HomeCare Inc., Elyria, OH
Grow Revenue
Brightree's commercial and patient billing outsource programs have allowed us to grow our collected revenue at a rate far in excess of our growth in staff.
Scott Lloyd , President , Extrakare LLC, Norcross, GA
Choosing Brightree over any other O&P billing software company was simple. First, their internet based platform allows for more accurate billing and easier electronic filing and retrieval of electronic remits. They also have intuitive search features and the “task” feature is great for assigning projects and retrieving information via customized reports or the executive summary report. However, the most important feature is the responsiveness of each and every employee at Brightree. When any of our (somewhat demanding) employees have encountered problems or asked for revisions, the staff at Brightree have reacted in a very timely manner. Where most software companies would tell you to work within the program parameters, at Brightree, every employee, from the CEO on down, goes out of their way to improve processes on their end and make our jobs easier.
Anonymous , Prosthetic Laboratories Rochester, MN
"Brightree electronic fax is a lifesaver!"
K L Bowman, CSR , MCME, Pittsburg, KS
Best System
"Brightree is the best DME/HME system I have ever had the pleasure to work on. I really appreciate the equipment tracking as I am billing Nursing Homes from the system along with Home Care."
Donna Patterson , Pulmonary Solutions, Cincinnati, OH
The knowledge of Brightree staff is phenomenal. I'd highly recommend using Brightree for your DME needs. The speed in returning calls is rapid and the accuracy in product knowledge is superior. Thanks for all you do.
Kerri Bowman, CSR , Mt. Carmel Medical Equipment, Pittsburg, KS
Brightree is the EASIEST system I have EVER used in my life and I have been billing for several years...
Nancy Dubea, Billing Manager , Central Louisiana Medical Supply, Marksville, Louisiana
Runs Smoothly
"Brightree has been a blessing to us! The staff is very dedicated to making sure everything runs smoothly for us to ensure our business is successful!"
Lisa Norman, Main Office Manager , Southern Rehab & Home Medical Equipment, Metairie, LA
"We love Brightree. It is so wonderful to have all your patient records at your fingertips!! We also love the reporting capabilities that Brightree offers."
Emily Schaffhausen , Apnix, Bellaire, TX
Brightree streamlined the method for processing mass payments, which instantly trimmed this laborious process from 2 days of work down to only 10 minutes! Thank you, Brightree! Thank you!
Andrew Trammell, Controller , Carolina’s Home Medical Equipment, Inc. Matthews, NC
Follow Through
I absolutely LOVE Brightree's tech support department. In the event that they do not know the answer, they always follow through with explanations.
Dawn Hurst , Home Medical Professionals Inc., Gainesville, GA
The Best
"The Brightree program is by far the best inventory program I've ever used."
Vero Beattie , Southeast Alaska Medical Supply, Juneau, AK
Quick & Friendly
Brightree makes my day brighter each time I talk with someone. Resolution is quick and friendly.
Joanna Melegatti, Owner , Ability Orthopedics, Midwest City, OK
Brightree's system is excellent! Our operations office is 400 miles away from our billing office and your system has allowed us to communicate seamlessly and get paid faster.
Marcia Ladd, President , Medicare Billing Consultants, Sharps Chapel, TN
Customer Service
"Brightree's billing service handles everything - QA, billing, working denials, and posting payments - which allows us to focus on what we do best ... customer service."
Barbara Weeks, CFO , Lifesavers Home Respiratory, Lakeland, FL
iPad advantage
"Brightree Home Health with point-of-care on the iPad gives us a distinct advantage. Our clinicians have the information they need at their fingertips to deliver the best possible care to their patients without having a barrier between them. In fact, our patients appreciate being able to see the progress they’re making. The iPad creates a visual connection for patients to their individualized care plans, and it assists our staff with teaching and compliance."
Wendy Cofran , Chief Information Officer for Natick Visiting Nurse Association
"Without Brightree's fail-proof infrastructure and amazing support, Hurricane Katrina would have destroyed our company. Brightree is the best solution I've used in my 28 years in the HME industry ... and it keeps getting better!"
Frank Whitam, Manager , Patients Choice, Foley, Alabama
Phenomenal People… Phenomenal Service… Phenomenal Product… The Best thing about Brightree… Cutting Edge, Responsive, Intelligent and Progressive- a Keeper!
Michelle Gathren, Director of Operations , Ballert Orthopedic, Chicago, IL
Business Partner
"Brightree is a true business partner to our company. In over 30 years of business, I have yet to meet a more dedicated, conscientious and caring group of professionals. From the CEO, to every level you deal with, they have made us feel as if we are the only company they provide services for. Brightree is extremely adaptable. Whenever we need to do something unique, the Brightree team comes together to get it done. With Brightree everything is possible. If you are considering a software system and have any questions, call them -- you will be glad you did!"
Howard Siegel, CEO / President , Nationwide Medical, Inc., Westlake Village, California
No Comparison
“There’s no comparison between a web-based and a server-based system.”
Susan Bennett , Spanish Oaks Hospice
Love Brightree
"I love the Brightree system. You can access from anywhere you have an internet connection. Great for "on call" after hours information."
Garrett Rickard, , Medical Products Group, Wheaton, IL

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