Audit Response

Electronic Audit Response

Responding to payer audits can be very time consuming and overwhelming for many HME providers. With Brightree's Electronic Audit Response service that captures, assigns a type and automatically files necessary documents in the system, providers have been able to reduce the amount of type searching for documents by 80%.

Respond to CMS Audits Directly from Brightree

Prepare automatically, respond quickly to audits. The Brightree Audit Response application extends Brightree Document Management even further, and makes it easy for users to collect and submit documentation electronically in response to CMS audits, then track status – all in Brightree. With this solution, providers will be able to cut in half the time spent chasing documents and submitting paper-based responses to CMS.

HME businesses face increasing numbers of pre- and post-payment audits; they must ensure that they have all required claims documentation and can respond to audits quickly and accurately. Providers need a single, integrated solution that proactively seeks and adds the right documents to each claim and electronically sends audit responses from the same interface using the latest esMD protocols.

The Brightree Audit Response application extends the Brightree Document Management solution and leverages its next-generation, Document-Aware™ technology, which captures, manages, shares, and secures crucial information within the integrated Brightree platform. Providers use Brightree Audit Response to maintain a strong revenue tempo by resolving audits quickly and accurately.

Minimize Audit Response Times

Intelligent automation and payer rules ensure that every claim is audit-ready when prepared, with all required documentation validated and attached. That means that responding to audits is easy, fast, and completely digital from within Brightree’s single interface. No wasted time or errors chasing paper.

Maximize Audit Response Accuracy

Document-Aware capabilities check and validate the types and content of required documents ahead of time; standardized templates can ensure that each audit response is complete, consistent, and compliant.

Improve Cash Flow

With proactive compliance and timely response submission, audits are resolved and claims are paid faster. Built-in status tracking helps forecast revenue from pending responses.

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