Document Management

Document Management

With Brightree's advanced, document-aware document management solution, providers can save 40-50% of the time spent chasing documents from referral source and 80-90% less time collecting documents for audit responses. With rules-based workflow under the hood, this solution helps dramatically reduce denials and payment delays due to missing documentation.

HME providers recognize that paper and even first-generation electronic document imaging and storage are no longer sufficient to respond quickly to audits and avoid recoupments. Poor document management can result in denials, duplicated effort, slow payments, and compliance issues.

A Next-Generation Solution

Brightree Document Management fully integrates advanced document-aware capabilities within the Brightree DME software that enable you to efficiently capture, manage, share, and secure documentation. The solution goes beyond simple imaging by intelligently putting documents where they are required in your workflows and automatically releasing deliveries and billing when documentation is complete. With Brightree's next-generation solution, you can protect your cash flow and automate repetitive processes.

Get Audit-Ready, Avoid Recoupment

Automatically check that required documentation is attached to each claim before submitting, and respond to audits quickly and accurately through easy document retrieval. Built-in intelligence checks for payer and product specific documentation requirements give providers confidence that the proper documentation is on-hand before confirming or delivering orders – avoiding the risks of fulfilling non-reimbursable orders or failing to maintain proper support for ADRs.

Improve Operating Efficiency

Access documents from any point in your workflows by clicking intuitive icons, and be alerted if documents are missing before you deliver and bill. And advanced recognition technology ensures 100% of Brightree system-generated documents make it to the right place automatically without any human intervention, reducing the manual labor associated with document filing.

Maximize Compliance and Privacy

Control access to documents through user-specific security permissions, and prepare for CMS initiatives such as esMD through more advanced storage, retrieval and workflow features.

New: Streamline Front-Office Workflow with MyForms™

Paired with Brightree’s innovated Document Management solution, MyForms is a configurable web-based documentation and work management platform that enables custom forms generation, document distribution, movement and storage.

With a single sign-on directly from the Brightree platform, providers can create custom forms based-on provider and payer specific business rules. Once the forms are created, dynamic data exchange between the systems will automatically populate the document with patient and order data from the Brightree system significantly reducing order processing time.

Capabilities include:

  • Customized business workflows
  • Secure emails to physicians for electronic signature capture
  • Forms are automatically indexed and stored to the correct patient record



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