What Are Document-Aware Capabilities?

What Are Document-Aware Capabilities?

Brightree Document Management is a next-generation technology solution that uses document-aware workflows to automatically incorporate critical documents and data into key business processes. But what does document-aware mean?

Document-aware technology:

Knows the type of document.

CMNs and delivery tickets are just a couple of examples that document-aware technology recognizes and attaches to the right place in each workflow, automatically.

Knows related payer rules.

Document-aware workflows automatically include documents or prompt for missing ones based on each payer's document requirements for delivery and billing.

Guides processes with proactive alerts.

Missing documents trigger alerts in the work queue for quick resolution.

Reads information and validates.

Document-aware technology automates time-consuming data entry and puts the data where it's needed in the workflow.

Creates direct access to documents.

Document-aware search capabilities are fast and powerful. Access any document when you need it.

Enables context-based searching.

Quickly find company documents that are not patient-related, such as contracts, fee schedules, etc.

Provides security and control.

User-based security lets only the right people view the right documents at the right time.

Get Audit-Ready!

Document-aware technology helps you respond with confidence to the inevitable audit. Find the right documents quickly and accurately, avoid recoupments, and protect your cash flow through automation.

Learn more about Brightree Document Management's document-aware capabilities, and register for a demo.

Watch a short video about Brightree Document Management.

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