Put Intelligent Automation to Work for Your HME Business

Put Intelligent Automation to Work for Your HME Business

Put Brightree® Intelligent Automation™ to Work for Your HME Business

Intelligent Automation™ is a core capability of next-generation HME business software. It tackles complicated tasks in seconds or minutes that normally involve many people and labor hours — processes that are key to patient outcomes and cash flow. Intelligent Automation works like a team of experts behind the scenes, 24/7, but without the overhead.

Advanced, cloud-based HME software platforms ensure that Intelligent Automation and No-Touch Workflows™ comply with the latest changes to payer rules, government guidelines, and best practices. Each time providers log on to the platform, their productivity tools are the best and most up-to-date on the market today.

What are some use cases of Intelligent Automation?

Example: Automated CMN Renewal

HME providers have pointed out that CMN renewal in legacy software systems is still essentially manual, time-consuming, and error-prone. The Brightree answer is Intelligent Automation that knows to check existing CMNs for expiration, automatically completes the updated forms, sends them to physicians, and digitally attaches the updated copies to sales orders and anywhere else needed by the workflow.

This short video shows how it works.


  • Your staff is more efficient because they are only managing CMN renewal exceptions.
  • Claims can be submitted sooner, thus decreasing DSO.
  • Cash flow increases, because you are processing claims as quickly as possible (potentially improving your efficiency more than 50 percent).

More Intelligent Automation in the Brightree Core Platform

Brightree Intelligent Automation performs dozens of other key HME business tasks fast and securely. Examples include:

  • Integrated eligibility and same-similar verification
  • Integrated batch eligibility verification
  • Nightly claims submission
  • ERL management
  • ERA automatic posting
  • EOB processing

Brightree Intelligent Automation Also Powers These Extended Solutions

  • The Brightree Connect™ patient interaction platform enables intelligent patient calling campaigns, both through automated and live call capabilities.
  • Brightree Mobile Delivery helps you dramatically reduce your DSO by ensuring that each phase of the delivery workflow is efficient, and completely documented.
  • Brightree Document Management fully integrates advanced document-aware capabilities within the Brightree interface that enable you to efficiently capture, manage, share, and secure documentation.
  • Intelligent automation proactively prepares for and electronically responds to CMS audits in the Brightree Audit Response application.

Learn More

Are you ready to put Brightree's integrated, Intelligent Automation to work for your HME business? Let No-Touch™ workflows contact patients, prepare sales orders, ship, bill, and accurately prepare claims for prompt payment.

Request a demo, or call 1.888.598.7797, extension 5, or email info@brightree.com and ask for more information on Brightree's core Intelligent Automation capability.

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