Patient Collections

Patient Collections

Strategic AR, a Brightree company, offers a comprehensive patient collection solution that can help you recover 5 times the amount you are collecting today. Tightly integrated with your Brightree billing engine, we are able to streamline workflows and reduce the manual labor associated with patient payments.

On average, 8-12% of the total revenues of a typical provider are the responsibility of the patient. These amounts are usually only recoverable at the back end of a long and painful process of trying to get paid from the primary payers. Because the individual patients' invoice amounts are typically small and require a consistent and timely commitment and a lot of follow up, many providers do not recover a high percentage of what they are entitled to from the patients.

This labor-intensive process presents a great opportunity for outsourcing. Maximizing recovery requires manually printing invoices, stuffing envelopes, applying postage and tracking recovery; and performing these tasks can burden many providers at the expense of the rest of their business. In fact, properly performing these activities in-house typically requires up to 25% of the total staff time available.

There is a better way to bill and collect patient revenues

Brightree partnered with Strategic AR to provide a turnkey solution for patient-pay billing and collections services. Strategic AR is solely focused on patient billing solutions for the HME/DME Market and delivers a highly proficient and professional solution to recover these otherwise lost revenues. The Strategic AR process immediately improves cash flow, collects more from patients by improving patient communication, and allows billing staff more time to work on higher payoff activities.

Brightree’s cloud based software provides a unique platform which allows Strategic AR to act as a true extension of your staff. Strategic AR’s solution generates and sends invoices directly to the patient. This process eliminates labor-intensive reporting and review, tedious decision making, and manual action, allowing billing staff to concentrate on higher payoff activities. You maintain control and monitor the progress of billing and recovery processes in real-time via the Brightree solution. This revolutionary approach allows Strategic AR to act as a seamless extension of your own billing and reimbursement department.

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