Revenue Cycle Management

Revenue Cycle Management Services

Optimize your financial performance, minimize denials and write-offs, and improve DSO

Let our Billing Experts Help you Optimize Your Financial Performance

Virtual Billing Department

When you outsource your insurance billing to Brightree, our dedicated team of billing and Brightree users helps you collect more, get paid faster and maintain compliance. Acting as an extension of your team, our experts work within your Brightree DME software to give you the benefits of a large professional operation without requiring you to hire, train and manage an internal billing organization. These benefits include:

  • Maximize compliance of filed claims
  • Minimize denials and write-offs
  • Work denials quickly and effectively
  • Improve DSO and accounts receivable aging
  • Increase rental-to-sale conversion
  • Improve collections to billing ratio
  • Post payments accurately
  • Provide ongoing education of changes in industry billing requirements

Benchmark Performance Analysis

Brightree Benchmark Performance Analysis is a consulting service that helps business managers measure, monitor and compare key metrics that help you optimize the financial and operational components of your business. Through a series of monthly or quarterly online sessions, your Brightree analyst will consult with you on key performance indicators and show you how you compare to other like size organizations. By evaluating these indicators on a regular basis with an experience Brightree analyst and baseline data, you are better equipped to make the refinements and adjustments necessary to maintain optimal performance of your business.

Complementary Financial Expertise

In this new era of reduced reimbursements, increased audits and regulatory pressure, your success depends on your ability to effectively measure and adapt your business to new requirements and emerging opportunities. While robust performance data is available in Brightree, many businesses can benefit from an outside financial expert who also has extensive experience with the Brightree DME software.

Stay on Track with Regular Financial Performance Reviews

  • Presentation of key financial metrics – Brightree’s HME financial experts compile the vast amount of financial data in Brightree and prepare detailed financial metrics.
  • Expert interpretation of results – We help you understand the details and what they say about your overall performance.
  • Recommendations for continuous improvement – Our analysis will highlight specific performance issues that require your focus, and we will recommend a plan of action to improve.

Other Billing Services include:

  • Accounts Receivable Cleanup – We analyze your A/R, establish a plan of action, and help you collect what you have earned.
  • ILSO Conversion Service (Recurring Rentals) – When you need to convert recurring rentals to activate them in Brightree, we help update your data.
  • Workflow Consulting – We apply our analytical lens to your business processes to highlight ways to optimize your system through training, process re-engineering and performance management.
  • Medicare Compliance Monitoring – Brightree Billing Services and The van Halem Group collaborate to provide a monthly claim file review to advise you of your compliance status.

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