Revenue Cycle Management

Revenue Cycle Management Services

Streamline business operations, stay in compliance, and optimize collections for DME, HME, Home Health and Hospice providers.

Complete Billing Services Solution

When you outsource your insurance billing to Brightree, our dedicated team of billing specialists help you collect more, get paid faster and maintain compliance. Our experts work within your Brightree software to give you the benefits of a large professional operation without requiring you to hire, train and manage an internal billing organization.

Brightree RCM is a complete Billing Service Offering from Sales Order Confirmation through General Ledger (GL) Close. Our billing services include:

  • Reviewing sales orders and documentation for accuracy and compliance
  • Logging CMNs and PARs
  • Confirming sales order once verified for accuracy
  • Managing Claim Filing | Alerts and Claim Rejections
  • Managing Account Receivables (AR) | Follow-up and Denials
  • Managing transactions | Payment & Adjustment Posting | Write Offs
  • Providing price table maintenance assistance
  • Monitoring key performance metrics providing monthly detailed review
  • Supporting adoption of Brightree functionality and best practices

Over the last 2 years, we’ve experienced an average reduction of 45% in reimbursements across all payors. During this same period, with the support of Brightree RCM, we’ve been able to focus our efforts and energy on expansion and top line growth. The results speak for themselves.

Brian Mitchell, CFO, J&L Medical Services

Our Value

Brightree has the industry expertise, proven processes and a scalable workforce that enables you to optimize net revenue and deploy best practice billing processes. We manage your business’ key performance indicators (KPIs) and work with you to improve DSO, reduce accounts receivable (A/R) aging and increase collections to billing ratios. Our expertise will minimize denials and write-offs and ensure compliance of filed claims. We will actively follow up on outstanding claims and post payments accurately.

Our Clients

Our clients recognize that there is always opportunity for improvement in their billing practice. Typically, our customers fall into three categories of why they want to outsource their billing services:

  • Performance Improvement: Collections ratios are below 80%, they have credit adjustments and write off ratios that sum more than 15%, and A/R aging over 90 days is more than 25%. Limited by internal capacity, competency or recent changes in internal staff that threatens the ability to deliver on the client’s performance objectives.
  • Growth: A desire to align billing staff to patient facing roles to meet increased demand, while allowing Brightree to take over billing services to maintain well managed performance.
  • New to Brightree: With a fresh start on the Brightree platform, it is a prime opportunity to let the industry experts handle the headache of billing, compliance and ongoing payor requirement changes, so they can focus on delivering service excellence to their patients.

With Brightree RCM, there is a way to achieve tremendous growth. We can help build a firm billing foundation for well managed performance, and we align our billing staff to meet your demand.

Brightree RCM has been able to provide resources to follow up on unpaid claims and denials in a way that we never managed to internally.  This has resulted both in increased cash flow and allowing us to focus on growing our business with referrals and patients. In addition the level and detail of the reporting they provide gives excellent insight into the state of our business.

Bryce Rodda, Director, Performance Home Medical

Revenue Cycle Management Project-Based Services

  • Aged accounts receivable clean-up
  • A la carte billing project work
  • Sales order confirmation
  • CMN logging
  • Ongoing accounts receivable and denial management
  • Transaction Processing | Payment & Adjustment Posting | Write Offs
  • Medicare Audit Assist and consulting services

Benchmark Performance Analysis

Brightree Benchmark Performance Analysis is a consulting service that helps business managers measure, monitor and compare key metrics that help you optimize the financial and operational components of your business.

Through a series of monthly or quarterly online or onsite sessions, your Brightree analyst will consult with you on key performance indicators and show you how you compare to other like size organizations. By evaluating these indicators on a regular basis with an experience Brightree analyst and baseline data, you are better equipped to make the refinements and adjustments necessary to maintain optimal performance of your business.

Regular Financial Performance Reviews

  • Presentation of key financial metrics – Brightree’s financial experts compile the vast amount of financial data in Brightree and prepare detailed financial metrics.
  • Expert interpretation of results – We help you understand the details and what they say about your overall performance.
  • Recommendations for continuous improvement – Our analysis will highlight specific performance issues that require your focus, and we will recommend a plan of action to improve.


Brightree CareToCashIntake Management Services

Leveraging the power of the Brightree platform, CareToCash is a powerful blend of software and services from patient intake to collections that will improve your financial performance, serve patients better and help grow your business.

Our full service Intake Management offering includes:

  • Process referral, including addition of new patient into Brightree system
  • Review referral payer information and items to ensure payer and item(s) are accepted by HME / DME provider
  • Verify patient insurance
  • If PAR is required, create PAR task to obtain PAR
  • Create and send DWOPD Review all medical documentation to ensure patient qualifies
  • Manage CMN process
  • Complete sales order with generic ordered items (according to client specifications)
  • Schedule Delivery

Brightree CareToCash

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