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BTU Learning Lab: setting up Revenue Cycle Worklist

BTU Learning Labs are experienced-based learning opportunities that allow you to take your learning of Brightree to the next level. This hands-on lab will allow you to do the actual set up and configuration of Revenue Cycle Worklist (RCW) with the support of an experienced Brightree consultant to ask questions while you preform the tasks in your Brightree database.

Pre-requisites and how to prepare for the lab:

  • Basic knowledge of features: it will be important that you have had previous training on RCW or you have attended the BTU Class- Tracking Revenue with Revenue Cycle Worklist.
  • Administrative rights: have the proper authority and administrative rights within Brightree to set up the features mentioned in this BTU Lab agenda
  • How the lab works: you will bring your real world “project” and scenarios to the lab. Your “project” would entail the setup of RCW for your organization. During this lab, your Brightree Consultant can guide you to ensure you set it up correctly and address questions as you go. It will be important for you to work with your internal team(s) on the configuration and set up decisions you will need to make during this lab. Our consultants can address questions you may have about the set up then work with you during this lab to ensure you configure Brightree that meets your internal standard operating procedures.
  • For your internal team review prior to this lab: for Revenue Cycle Worklist set up, it would be helpful for your team to review the administration, the activities and the task status to manage the following workflow activities;
    • Denials
    • Billed Claim Follow Up
    • Billing Stops
    • CMN Follow Up
    • Audit Activity
    • PAR Activity
    • Partial Payments
    • Patient Collections
    • Timely Filling
    • Unapplied Payments

    Note: class size for Learning Labs can be capped to a maximum of 5 students per lab

Date and Time

April 26, 2021 / 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Who should attend

Billing managers, revenue managers, and A/R managers


$199 per student


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