Simplify billing at every step of the claims process.

Brightree enables your billing team to collect more with far less effort. Our solution eliminates the need to batch claims and automatically files electronic claims for you, dramatically increasing the efficiency and accuracy of your billing process. Brightree also provides real-time eligibility verification and automates CMN submissions, payment posting, and much more.

With Brightree, customers on average:

  • Lower their Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) by 7%
  • Realize the lowest denial rates in the industry
  • Reduce the number of days to confirm/bill orders by up to 10 days
  • Increase their net revenue collection ratio by 15%

Revenue Cycle Workflow

Brightree Revenue Cycle Workflow (RCW) focuses on your outstanding A/R, providing a dynamic way to split up and manage A/R work without relying solely on fixed A/R Reports. RCW takes A/R management from static spreadsheets to real-time, interactive worklists. No more printing reports and using highlighters. You get full visibility and automation in real time!

As part of Brightree’s core A/R management capabilities, RCW can help providers save time in the management of their outstanding A/R (and time is money!) and help billing & A/R staff become more efficient and productive. Without RCW, providers manually worked a combination of areas based on job function. With RCW, providers can incorporate these functions into a single work area for better visibility, efficiency and accountability.

Features of Brightree Billing and A/R Management

Eligibility Status

Real-time eligibility status for Medicare, Medicaid, and commercial payers is tightly integrated within Brightree. Brightree users check patient eligibility, deductibles, and Same or Similar status with one click of the mouse. For new patients, our quick and easy eligibility authentication prevents you from delivering equipment for which you won’t get paid. For recurring rentals, Brightree automatically re-checks eligibility before submitting them.

CMNs/ Doctors Orders

Brightree has developed several options to automate your CMN submissions, tracking and filing processes. This paperless workflow is fully integrated into the patient record in Brightree and includes automatic alerts for any outstanding documentation requests.

Electronic Claims Processing

Brightree simplifies electronic claims submission to Medicare, Medicaid and 3,000+ commercial payers. You’ll never again deal with batching up claims, managing modems, re-keying data into third-party websites or resolving clearinghouse issues. Once an order is confirmed, Brightree takes over and does everything else. Brightree handles all of the technology required to electronically transmit your claims and retrieve and post all remittance information.

Secondary Claims

If you are using Brightree eClaims for non-Medicare payers, then your secondary claim can be transmitted electronically, saving you significant time and effort. For paper-based secondary claims, you simply generate your EOBs in batch at the same time; then just collate and mail!

Auto Payment Posting

With Brightree, you can virtually eliminate the time and effort it takes to post payments from Medicare and 80% of Medicaid and commercial payers. Not simply a download, it’s a completely integrated and fully automated payment posting process. Virtually all of your payments are automatically matched and posted to your open invoices. Then, Brightree intelligently scans open invoices and suggests matches for any remaining payment amounts.

Business Analytics for Billing

Brightree delivers an array of analytical and reporting tools to give you complete control and instant access to the information you need to manage your billing operations. The Executive Dashboard delivers historical trend data, while the Brightree Business Scorecard graphically displays interactive point-in-time information in real time. Brightree also has dozens of standard billing reports along with a custom reporting capability that allows you to create, save, and schedule specific reports to meet the unique aspects of your billing operations.

Collections Management

Brightree eliminates the need to run written reports for collectors and managers. Everything you need is available with the click of a mouse. Collection information is organized based upon your defined parameters and presented on the screen in real time where it is automatically linked to the rest of the Brightree system.

Recurring Billing

No more remembering to run a batch. Recurring billing is a breeze with Brightree. It all happens overnight, automatically, with a full reporting of the status of recurring bills the next business morning. Brightree even re-checks eligibility automatically before submitting recurring claims. Manual updates to rental rebilling are a thing of the past.

Billing Alerts

Following claims submissions, Brightree automatically retrieves response reports and interprets them for you, in plain English. Your billers are alerted to any issues with particular invoices or entire batches via an alert posted to their individual message center. Hyperlinks in the alert deliver one-click access to the claim. No more waiting for reports, printing them, and then trying to interpret cryptic codes to identify billing issues.

Denial Management

Pie charts represent the breakdown of claims by denial code, denial codes by HCPCs, an aged cash summary, and an aged cash summary by HCPCs. Working your denials is done with a simple click on the pie chart to view your detailed invoices online. There, you can easily review, repair, and resubmit – all in one simple step.

Compliance Reminders and Order Intake

Automated billing compliance reminders within Brightree handle routine tasks (such as prompting your biller to contact CPAP patients every 4 months) and assimilating complete documentation. In order to decrease errors, Brightree also alerts users of different billing requirements during order intake, such as prompting users for appropriate modifiers.

Managing Expiring Authorizations

Brightree prompts users for follow up activity to obtain Prior Authorization numbers. The system also provides proactive tracking of imminent expiry of CMNs as well as Prior Authorizations and identifies the need for new documentation, preventing any disruption in your billing cycles.

Procedure Code Updates

Brightree automatically updates your Medicare price tables the first day of each quarter. We maintain and update diagnostic and procedure codes and routinely expire old codes so you don’t have to. Accurate price tables means that your A/R is as precise as possible, while decreasing your labor associated with back-end adjustments.

Clinical Patient Information

Brightree gives you complete control and quick access to patient demographic information, clinical documentation, schedules, charges and payments. Integrated into Brightree is the doctor NPPES registry, which allows you to easily add new doctors or effortlessly confirm NPI information. Orders can be assigned to a referral source and marketing rep, providing you with real-time referral tracking activity.

Smarter Billing

Processing more than 40 million claims representing $12 billion annually, Brightree regularly evaluates rejection/denial trends. Brightree analyzes payer specific data elements and other key information to help you improve front-end edits so you bill smarter the next time. And since Brightree’s front-end edits won’t let you confirm an order if any critical information is missing, you won’t submit bad claims.

See Brightree in Action

Over 2,500 post-acute care organizations rely on Brightree to help them focus on what matters most: the patients. Sign up for a demo of Brightree to see how we’re making post-acute care more efficient than ever.