Go paperless for a truly integrated fax workflow

Brightree Electronic Fax (eFax) fully integrates within the Brightree business management platform to provide a seamless workflow for managing all of your inbound or outbound faxing needs. Whether you’re receiving referrals, responding to audits, or requesting updated documentation… Brightree Electronic Fax has you covered!

Brightree Electronic Fax features paperless fax receipt, so incoming faxes are received electronically with no paper to handle or misplace, saving your agency time, storage space and audit risk. And when integrated with the Brightree Document Management system, electronic faxes can be attached to the patient record for easy storage of documents in the patient record.

Brightree eFax Benefits:

  • Reduce steps for inbound faxing by 50% and outbound faxing by 75%
  • Customize and assign work status to incoming faxes for your intake workflow
  • Easily locate and filter any fax
  • Works seamlessly with Brightree MyForms and Brightree Document Management to automatically store faxes and trigger workflows
  • Provides the ability for automatic or manual assignments to fit your workflow
  • Make notes, assign, index and file… all right from your inbound fax worklist!
  • Syncs automatically with patient records
  • Audit history for both inbound and outbound faxes
  • One integrated system… no separate app needed


Brightree Electronic Fax processes more than 2 million pages every month — integrated directly with the Brightree system for paper-free efficiency!

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