Brightree ConnectPRO: Build a sustainable resupply business and deliver better patient care

The Brightree® ConnectPRO™ patient resupply optimization program enables HMEs to improve the patient experience while optimizing their revenue streams. Based on the most powerful automated patient contact management system in the industry, ConnectPRO is the only resupply solution that leverages HME patient data in real time to improve the patient experience and find more revenue.

Combining Brightree’s proven technology with expert program management and the richest repository of resupply data available anywhere in the industry, ConnectPRO manages the patient ordering process while providing HMEs with the tools needed to more effectively manage the patient clinical process.

Our live-calling and order intake services give you the confidence of knowing you can contact more patients about their resupply needs, in the way they want to be contacted, ensuring they receive the greatest health benefits and remain adherent to therapy.

Our ConnectPRO customers have seen great results!

  • 29% increase in resupply revenue
  • 37% increase in revenue per order
  • 9% more patient retained in your resupply program

Engage your patients, improve clinical outcomes and grow your resupply business!

ConnectPRO combines technology, people and data in an innovative, patient-centric way to help HMEs manage the entire patient resupply lifecycle, from intake to compliance, from conversion into your resupply program to ongoing engagement and patient retention, to optimize every order—

The Technology

Enable Better, More Productive Patient Engagement

ConnectPRO uses the Brightree® Connect™ IntelligentQ engine to optimize the entire ordering process, providing real-time access to patient history and compliance, eligibility and contact management. It also:

  • Drives intelligent patient contact campaigns
  • “Works” your resupply patient list for you, following payer reimbursement guidelines
  • Applies a real-time multi-point checklist to help eliminate steps and errors

ConnectPRO’s Multi-Modal Patient Interaction ensures the right patients are contacted at the right time, for the right supplies, according to their needs:

  • Automated Voice – Advanced voice recognition technology for automated, no-touch resupply orders
  • Guided Calling Assistant – From within your branch, manage outbound engagements and call-in or walk-in patients using consistent payer-compliant scripts to generate orders based on patient responses
  • Online – Brandable web-based Patient Portal allows patients to place resupply orders anytime, anywhere
  • Email – Secure, integrated email engine that enables you to reach resupply patients 24/7
  • AllCall Connect™ Live Calling – Outsourced live inbound and outbound patient outreach using Brightree’s knowledgeable, experienced agents, with the ability to create sales orders and enroll patients for payment options
People & Services

Service-enabled Resupply

Sometimes with limited staffing and a need to focus more on patient care, providers need to look to outsource certain services. ConnectPRO provides just that with our dedicated professionals:

  • ConnectPRO’s account-focused Performance Concierge Services maximize the capabilities of your resupply program, including system analysis, staff training and personalized management of enrollment, campaigns, compliance and exclusions, to optimize both margins and patient care.
  • AllCall Connect™ Live Calling provides outsourced live-calling services—the contact mode most patients prefer—to confirm compliance, gather credit card payment information entered in Brightree Patient Collections, generate CPAP supply orders to increase your revenue, and keep your patients active and ordering at the appropriate order intervals, while maximizing order completeness and the allowable total of each order.
  • With ConnectPRO Order Intake, you’ll never be overwhelmed with too many orders again! Once the order has been generated, ConnectPRO Order Intake processes required documentation and performs quality assurance on those orders so that they are ready for shipment and billing. Cleaner claims means less denials, faster reimbursement. You can stay focused on the patient, rather than the paperwork.
  • Via Patient Pay Integration, ConnectPRO’s live calling agents can enroll patients in Brightree Patient Collections’ AutoPAY at the time of resupply, helping to ensure faster payments.
Resupply Data

Put Resupply “Big Data” to Work for You

Resupply Data StoreLeveraging the industry’s only resupply-focused data warehouse, ConnectPRO delivers analytics and a whole new level of transparency into the metrics of your resupply business:

  • Aggregated KPI, trending & benchmarking – See historical performance over time and compare key metrics with your peers via our industry-first Resupply Scoring System
  • Pre-packaged production reports – Reporting designed specifically for your program allows you to better manage and measure exclusions, patient registrations for compliance and conversion, staff usage, and the entire patient resupply lifecycle

“Our best opportunity for success at AeroCare is to put all of our patients on Brightree Connect.”

Dan Bunting, Chief Operating OfficerAeroCare Holdings

“With Brightree Connect, we found that our average revenue per order is up about 50%.”

Andy Miller, PresidentTotal Home Health

"Brightree Connect automatically generates sales for us. The system does the work, rather than our CSRs or sales team."

Brad Heath, VP, OperationsFamily Medical Supply

“Brightree Connect has been a huge deal for us. Our revenue has actually tripled on a monthly basis, and that's sustainable.”

Tara Elliston, General ManagerGeneva Woods

“Brightree Connect has automated the rate at which patients get their supplies, which benefits both of us."

Chloe Williams, Director of Billing & ComplianceBennett Medical Services

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