Make your HME/DME operation smarter and more measurable.

Brightree HME delivers a full suite of business intelligence solutions that help HME providers oversee every aspect of their business, including billing, inventory, marketing, cash, A/R and more. Since the data can be accessed in real-time through Brightree’s standard and ad hoc reports, providers never have to wait on month-end reports to make necessary tweaks to their businesses.

Standard Reporting

Brightree provides a library of over 60 standard reports which can be run in real time at the click of a mouse. You can establish search criteria or filters on any standard reports and then schedule the report(s) to run automatically on the date/time you choose. Reports are delivered to your desktop immediately in a PDF file for printing, or you can download the data to a Microsoft Excel (.cvs) file for manipulation.

Security controls limit access to the appropriate users. Any authorized user can run reports at any time without impacting system availability or performance. There is no need to wait on batch routines to run reports. All reports are available in real-time at the click of a mouse.

Below is a sampling of the many Brightree standard reports that you can run in real-time with the click of a mouse.
  • Active Rentals
  • AR Activity by Patient
  • AR Activity by Payor
  • AR Aging by GL
  • AR Aging by Patient
  • AR Aging by Payor
  • AR Aging Summary
  • Asset Utilization
  • Batch Print Bar Codes
  • Billing Register
  • Billing Review
  • Billing Service
  • CMN Forms
  • CMN Task
  • Cost of Goods Sold
  • Delivery Tickets
  • Deposit Summary
  • Depreciated Assets
  • Depreciation Activity
  • Doctor Report
  • Expired Diagnosis Codes
  • Facility Billing
  • General Ledger Summary
  • GL Account Groups
  • GL Detail
  • Insurance Report
  • Inventory Overstock
  • Inventory Reconciliation
  • Inventory Reorder
  • Inventory Transaction History
  • Inventory Value
  • Item Detail
  • Item Maintenance
  • Item Status by Location
  • Item Status
  • Lot Numbers
  • Lot Tracking
  • Mass Printing of claims using form 1500
  • Medicare EOB
  • Notes
  • Option Letters
  • Outstanding Sales Orders
  • PAR
  • Patients
  • Pick Ticket
  • Pre-Edit Electronic Claims
  • Price List
  • Print Queued Barcode Jobs
  • Retail Sales Orders
  • Revenue By Payer
  • Sales Order Hold/Stop
  • Sales Tax
  • Scheduler
  • Serial Number Availability
  • Summary Statement
  • Tax Zone
  • Unapplied Payments Reports
  • User
  • Work In Progress
Custom Reporting

Brightree provides a custom report writer that allows you to quickly and easily create any report you need. Brightree’s customizable reporting allows you to create, save, view and schedule specific reports to meet the unique aspects of your business.

You identify which data source is most appropriate from areas including patients, orders, invoices, audit trails and many others. You then have the ability to set filters and sorting criteria prior to running or scheduling the report.

Brightree Business Scorecard


Brightree’s Business Scorecard delivers instant access to a barometer of your business via 9 Key Performance Indicators (KPI), and measures your company’s performance against goals and benchmarks that you set. View results via interactive, color-coded indicators which display your company’s performance. At a glance you’ll see areas of strength, potential problems, and areas for immediate improvement. The scorecard also allows you to easily drill down by specific area — such as by branch, payer, or product.

For example, while a cumulative score for a KPI like Denials may be acceptable, a closer look can reveal a branch that is under-performing in that area. Now you can easily identify areas for improvement and create an action plan to drive performance.

Executive Dashboard


Acting as a virtual command center, Brightree’s Executive Dashboard lets you graphically view historical data at the click of a mouse. This integrated at-a-glance tool allows you to view business trends and underlying metrics quickly and easily.

Key areas of the dashboard include Billing, Financial, Marketing, and Operations, allowing you to monitor trends in such areas as DSO, revenue billed versus collected, revenue held for pending documentation, new sales orders versus confirmed sales orders, and more. Dashboard information can be viewed at either a company or branch level.

In additional to the historical trend data, Brightree has included 2 real-time benchmarking tools within the dashboard. For DSO and Held A/R, Brightree delivers an at-a-glance customizable comparison of your company’s performance versus targets you set.



Intelligently forecast 30, 60 and 90 day cash projections by payer group, product group, sales vs. rentals, and more. BrightCFO® (Cash Forecast On-Demand) is a revolutionary analytical tool that uses historical reimbursement data by payer and HCPCS to forecast incoming cash receipts from existing AR and Forecasted Sales and Rentals. With one click of the mouse, you can instantly see forecasted cash collections at 30, 60 and 90 days by payer group, product group, sales, rentals, and more.

With this information at your fingertips, you have the knowledge to make timely decisions on issues that are affected by your cash flow. And you have the information you need to improve specific collections issues that may be impacting your business.

Product Profitability Analyzer
The Product Profitability Analyzer is a simple, easy to use, tool that allows you to determine product profitability at various reimbursement rates. The Analyzer uses your actual sales data to instantly calculate gross and net profit for all payers or for selected payers. You can input your fixed costs like delivery, administration, overhead, etc. and select from several cost allocation methodologies. Results can be summarized by product category or detailed by HCPCS code.

The Analyzer makes available all the price tables for the new competitive bid areas. For example, you can compare current Medicare reimbursement in Charlotte versus the new rates under Competitive Bidding and can instantly calculate your expected gross profit and/or net profit.

The Product Profitability Analyzer is fully integrated with Brightree’s billing and inventory system. Now, you can quickly see what the effect of changing reimbursements are for your products without the hassle of using standalone spreadsheets and tools, or employing a costly consultant.

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