It’s amazing what the right tools, reporting and communication can do for your collections.

Roy Neely, CEO, Aeratech Medical
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Intake management

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Any inefficiencies in your patient intake management process can open the door for errors and delays that reduce your ability to collect. Insurance verification, price table management, and checking similar/duplicate claims all take time and energy.

With accurate patient setup and the right product knowledge for order entry, your customer service reps can focus on serving your patient base, instead of trying to stay ahead of ever-changing product regulatory requirements. That’s why savvy providers use Brightree to facilitate intake management and ensure that patients and orders are set up correctly the first time.

Our full service patient intake management offering includes:

  • Referral processing

  • Referral review

  • Patient insurance verification

  • PAR obtainment

  • DWOPD creation and delivery

  • Complete medical documentation review for payer qualification

  • Initial CMN obtainment and management

  • Complete sales order process

  • Delivery coordination