A better way to document at the point of care.

The point of care is the heart of your business. It’s not only where exceptional patient care is delivered, but it’s also where efficiency and compliance are most critical. That’s why we designed the Brightree to be incredibly easy, intuitive and efficient at the point of care, yet complete with powerful features that maximize home health documentation accuracy and compliance.

ipad home health documentation

Clinicians can easily manage their day, their patients and their calendar

Organization cleanly and logically presents what’s most important to clinicians to manage their day, their patients and their calendar. Tools such as My Patients lets you “pin” patient records you want to access whether or not you’re connected to the Internet, and robust calendar functionality allows clinicians to seamlessly manage their caseloads.

home health documentation patients

Flexibility that supports the natural flow of patient conversations

SmartJump navigation lets clinicians “jump out” to document details where needed — then jump back to where they were, without losing their natural workflow. This allows the clinician to move quickly through the application as the patient is providing them with information.

home health documentation care plan

Quickly and easily create care plans and document against them

Tap & Go care plan technology allows clinicians to quickly create a care plan and document against the care plan. Smart content for assessments, problems and mapped interventions helps clinicians to document with minimal typing.

home health documentation best practices

Help maximize home health documentation best practices

CareTouch Logic® helps your staff easily define and implement workflows that drive care plans that adhere to your standards, resulting in less time spent on QA, cleaner claims and faster payments. Best practices with intelligent checks can help ensure visits are fully complete at the point of care before submitting to the office.

See Brightree in Action

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