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Meet the hospice software designed for clinicians by clinicians.

As the ideal combination of a native iPad® point-of-care app and a cloud-based back-office system, Brightree Hospice software allows hospice organizations to enforce standards and best practices that maximize compliance, improve patient care, increase clinical and operational efficiencies and drive cash flow through optimized billing.

Increase clinician retention & satisfaction with an easy, intuitive and efficient point-of-care solution.

The Brightree native iPad point-of-care app empowers your clinicians to efficiently and naturally document patient visits. Our solution is incredibly easy, intuitive and efficient to use, and includes powerful features that maximize accuracy and compliance.


Help your hospice organization run at peak efficiency.

Brightree Hospice EMR and billing system supports the administrative, financial and clinical functions of your hospice organization. Built-in best practices guide users to do the right things right, the first time — enabling your hospice organization to operate at peak efficiency.


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“The aides are happy they’re also on the Brightree system because they no longer have to hand write notes, and they feel like using the iPad solution makes them look more professional.”

Jennifer Richter, LCSW, ACHP-SW Social Worker, Director of Clinical ServicesCommunity Hospice

“Documentation is so much easier on the Brightree iPad solution, and anything that can help us save a little time and frustration is wonderful.”

Sandra Washington, AdministratorLongleaf Hospice

“We knew that moving to a cloud-based solution was the right direction for the future of our organization. Of the systems we considered, Brightree provided the most user-friendly point-of-care system for our clinicians who were not accustomed to using technology.”

Ginger Parrish, DirectorAlbemarle Home Care and Albemarle Hospice

"Our clinicians have come to trust and rely on the nimbleness and flexibility of the Brightree app and their newfound ability to effectively and subtly integrate charting into patient visits in real time at the point-of-care."

Rebecca AshlingHousecall Providers

“Brightree has been a great partner and we are pleased with the attention they have given to all the unique requirements of running a hospice organization.”

Susan Bennett, Executive DirectorSpanish Oaks Hospice
Why do hospice organizations entrust their business to Brightree?
Optimize Hospice Operations

Since Brightree Hospice software empowers hospice organizations to capture accurate and compliant documentation from the start, every part of the business can be transformed – from QA to billing and reimbursement.

Increase Clinician Retention & Satisfaction

Since Brightree is makes it much faster and easier to document at the point of care, the solution eliminates the need for your clinicians to chart after hours. Hospice clinicians rave about they can now document at the point of care much more efficiently and effectively with Brightree!

Improve Patient Care

Brightree helps clinicians keep the focus on the patients (and not on technology) by following the natural flow of a patient visit. Brightree enables consistent adherence to care plans, helping to ultimately improve patient care.

Maximize Compliance

CareTouch Logic®, the intelligent engine that powers Brightree Hospice software, guides clinicians through the assessment to maximize documentation accuracy before it is submitted back to the office. Complete and accurate documentation at the point of care helps reduce documentation errors and billing challenges that ultimately lead to audits.

See Brightree in Action

Over 2,500 post-acute care organizations rely on Brightree to help them focus on what matters most: the patients. Sign up for a demo of Brightree to see how we’re making post-acute care more efficient than ever.