Ensure your hospice organization operates at peak performance.


Maximize Compliance

  • Built-in best practices. Guided by CareTouch Logic’s mandatory questions, including Hospice Item Set (HIS), along with best practices workflow such as inability to open or close a visit without a note, Brightree helps protect against RAC, ZPIC and audits with financial penalties.
  • Alerts and Hotlist. Proactive identification of issues can be addressed up front in order to meet time-sensitive regulatory requirements.
  • Rules-based scheduling in Brightree maximizes order compliance, enforcing that a visit can’t be scheduled without an order or authorization.
  • Regular, seamless updates. No more hassle or worry with clinical and regulatory updates delivered automatically through our web-based system.



Improve Patient Care

  • Care plan documentation. Workflow and logic ensures clinicians document directly against the care plan guided by mandatory questions enforced on visits which can improve the quality of visit documentation and compliance, and highlights progress against the plan.
  • Clinical content. Hospice-specific functionality and content is included for all disciplines which makes care plans easier to build, and enables nursing and social work disciplines to drive their patient assessment, treatment and documentation from the problems/interventions defined in their care plan.
  • Complete care coordination.  All patient information in one place for the whole care team ensures that everyone is always on the same page to provide the highest quality care.  Patient changes are automated and answer history from previous visits by discipline are available in notes.



Operate More Efficiently

  • Streamlined workflow. Paperless referrals, patient records and forms eliminate paper, filing, and general administrative inefficiencies.
  • Actionable intelligence. The graphical Dashboard provides easy access to five operational key performance indicators (KPIs) that allow drill-down and provide actionable data that helps support better decision making.  Explore KPIs such as Referrals by Source, Referrals to Admission Conversion Rate, Admissions, Discharges, Average Daily Census and Average Length of Stay.
  • Manage by exception. Intelligent Alerts for field clinicians and office administrators proactively push critical tasks to the right people before they are due or become problems.  Both clinical alerts and administrative alerts are received by the ‘owner’ and then escalated to management if necessary to speed up operations, reduce inefficiencies and improve billing results.
  • Reduce IT Costs.  Eliminate the cost of expensive IT infrastructure and software updates with our web-based platform.



Optimize Billing

  • Better documentation. More thorough and timely clinical point-of-care documentation can result in shorter time for bill submission.
  • Alerts and Hotlist. Proactive identification of issues allows billing staff to work with clinicians to address and correct prior to billing submission.
  • Cleaner claims. Built in rules and validations help improve the accuracy of bills prior to submission for payment reducing denials and take backs, ultimately increasing cash flow.
  • Real-time billing. Get paid faster with the ability to bill real-time without having to wait for the nightly batch billing.  Address claim hold issues instantly allowing you to keep up with the payers timeline requirements.
  • Connect with more payers.  Optimize your payer mix with support for over 2,000 payers including Medicare and Medicaid.

See Brightree in Action

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