Document efficiently and effectively at the point of care.

Designed with the help of hospice clinicians, Brightree’s iPad point-of-care app is a fast-to-learn and easy-to-use solution that leverages the native, intuitive functionality built specifically for the iPad. Since Brightree makes it much faster and easier to document at the point of care, your clinicians will no longer have to chart their visits after hours!

Intuitive features that improve clinician efficiency

With an intuitive interface, Brightree puts your whole day at your fingertips, allowing you to easily navigate to your tasks, patient list or calendar. All of your visits and tasks for the day are laid out so there are no surprises, helping you stay organized and save time when you begin your day.

Flexible navigation that follows the natural flow of patient conversations

Brightree’s SmartJump navigation gives you the ability to quickly move to different sections of the record as the patient is presenting information. You can easily “jump out” to document patient information where needed — then jump back to where you were, without losing your natural workflow.

Creating a thorough care plan has never been easier

Brightree guides you to document against interventions and goals, helping improve the quality of patient care. Brightree allows you to quickly document against an intervention based on the assessment that ties with it. You can also plan interventions for the next visit with a patient.

Easily define and implement workflows that drive compliance

CareTouch Logic® is the intelligence underlying everything in Brightree, and helps you easily define and implement workflows that drive care plans adhering to your standards. Best practices can be enforced by requiring documentation completion before submission to the office.

See Brightree in Action

Over 2,500 post-acute care organizations rely on Brightree to help them focus on what matters most: the patients. Sign up for a demo of Brightree to see how we’re making post-acute care more efficient than ever.