McKesson VerbalCare

  • HME

With the McKesson VerbalCare® mobile app you can connect to patients wherever they are and guide them on the path to better health. Easily keep the lines of communication open so you can make sure patients are getting the support they need to follow doctors’ orders. Help improve and simplify patient engagement, so you have more time to focus on other areas of your business.

How VerbalCare Can Support You:

Improve patient engagement
• Flexibility for patients to respond and place orders how and when they want
• Simplified patient onboarding experience
• Two-way messaging to allow for quicker response times

Automate patient resupply
• Alert patients when it’s time to reorder supplies
• Automated confirmation of eligible product reorders through vendor connectivity

Save time and money
• Reduce the number of staff calls
• Recoup lost revenue due to patient non-compliance
• Automate and consolidate patient data input from billing platforms

Grow your business
• Increase the scale of your business with little-to-no additional headcount
• Produce outcomes to show business and clinical results for referral sources

Help improve patient outcomes
• Knowledge library empowers patients to better understand their therapy needs and help support recovery
• Keep patients on track with therapy needs with automated resupply reminder