Brightree Launches ConnectPRO Solution for HMEs to Improve Patients’ Resupply Use

ATLANTA – October 19, 2017 – Brightree LLC, the leading provider of cloud-based software to improve business and clinical performance of post-acute care organizations, today announced the launch of Brightree® ConnectPRO™, a powerful resupply management program that combines all of its technology, services, and data analytics into one time-saving solution.

Brightree ConnectPRO includes:

  • Brightree® Connect, the industry leading patient contact management software solution
  • Performance Concierge Services focused on optimizing the Brightree Connect software solution
  • Revenue Cycle Management Resupply Intake Services which includes processing all paperwork and verification of benefits
  • AllCall Connect™, outsourced call center services
  • Data analytics, providing operational insights for performance improvement

“Brightree ConnectPRO is a comprehensive, easy-to-use solution tailored to the individual HME provider’s needs. It provides new tools and programs to improve patient care and also lower expenses and increase revenue, which helps offset decreased reimbursements,” said Brightree CEO Matt Mellott.

The Brightree ConnectPRO solution focuses on getting compliant CPAP patients into a provider’s resupply program, and as important, retaining them.

“We have witnessed a dramatic shift in CPAP resupply, wherein providers must do more with less,” said Gary Long, Brightree’s chief business development officer. “Too many compliant CPAP patients are never enrolled in their provider’s resupply program, and unfortunately many who are enrolled do not stay in the program very long. But we know that 7 in 10 CPAP patients say they sleep better after replacing their supplies,1 and ConnectPRO is designed to better support patients once they are in their resupply program.”

The importance of running a successful resupply program has been magnified in recent years due to regulatory and market challenges, which have affected both HME providers and patients nationwide.

“We are dealing with industry-wide issues that are putting our HME businesses at risk and forcing us to find ways to survive the many challenges we face,” said James Crim, area operations manager for Medical Services of America. “Our patient goals come first, and a solution like Brightree ConnectPRO handles the burden of resupply management so that we can do what we do best; that is, focus on our patients’ care.”

Brightree ConnectPRO is now available to HME providers, and will be demonstrated at Medtrade October 24-25, 2017. Visit Brightree at Booth #1211 for more information and a private demonstration.

About Brightree

Brightree, a wholly owned subsidiary of ResMed (NYSE: RMD, ASX: RMD), is the leading provider of cloud-based software to improve clinical and business performance of post-acute care companies. Ranked one of the top 100 healthcare IT companies in the U.S., Brightree serves more than 2,200 organizations in the HME, home health, hospice, orthotic and prosthetic, HME pharmacy, home infusion and rehabilitation home care segments. For more information, visit or call 1.888.598.7797.

Brightree is a registered trademark of Brightree LLC.

1 Third-party independent study commissioned by ResMed in February 2015, surveying 400 patients using CPAP for five or more nights/week for six or more months.


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