Brightree Releases the First EHR for Home Health and Hospice with a Comprehensive Point-of-Care App Built for the iPad Tablet

Intuitive use on a familiar and portable device makes documenting during patient visits a natural part of delivering care

ATLANTA – October 15, 2014 – Tackling one of the toughest problems facing clinicians and other professionals who care for patients outside of hospitals and physician offices, Brightree®today released the next-generation of its Electronic Health Record (EHR)platform for home health agencies and hospice organizations.

Aimed at removing barriers to delivering complete, consistent and compliant care – including making it easier and faster to build care plans and document against them during patient visits –

Brightree Home Health and Brightree Hospice help users meet financial and operational goals as well as regulatory and payer documentation requirements.

The new Brightree EHR point-of-care app is the first “native iOS app” for home health and hospice agencies. It is architected specifically to reside on the iPad tablet, so that its intuitive navigation can be joined with CareTouch LogicTM, Brightree’s underlying intelligence that informs care plan choices and workflows to help keep home health agencies and hospice organizations compliant with clinical best practices. In this way, Brightree Home Health and Brightree Hospice go far beyond other systems on the market that simply digitize paper with no intelligence to guide clinicians through documentation. The result is a powerful, compliance-driven system that also is intuitive, easy to learn and use, and portable.

“Failing to properly automate documentation while with the patient is proven to reduce care plan and billing accuracy, increase back office costs, put reimbursements at risk and increase the likelihood of audits,” said Dave Cormack, president and CEO of Brightree.

“Those are some of the reasons why we’ve spent the past 22 months working closely with home health agencies and hospice organizations to understand the practical barriers to documenting at the point-of-care, so that we could break through them. We’ve invested millions of dollars to deliver what we truly believe can revolutionize how home health agencies and hospice organizations deliver care, comply with regulations, speed billing and protect reimbursements,” Cormack added.

Wendy Cofran, Chief Information Officer for Natick Visiting Nurse Association, a “Top 500 Elite” agency based outside of Boston, agreed, saying, “Brightree Home Health with point-of-care on the iPad gives us a distinct advantage. Our clinicians have the information they need at their fingertips to deliver the best possible care to their patients without having a barrier between them. In fact, our patients appreciate being able to see the progress they’re making. The iPad creates a visual connection for patients to their individualized care plans, and it assists our staff with teaching and compliance.”

“It’s a game changer,” Cofran continued. “Not only are we seeing a reduction in the time required to document visits but a more thorough clinical documentation application, which is vital in an era of increasing regulatory requirements. Brightree Home Health is a long-term solution for us, one we can grow with, and one that will keep our agency on the cutting-edge of home health care. It allows us to be proactive in providing the best possible service to our referral sources, our patients and their families.”

How it Works

The point-of-care app easily synchronizes key data with the cloud-based office system so that clinicians and office teams are always on the same page. Built into the app is everything clinicians need to accurately and completely perform start-of-care assessments, build individualized patient care plans, and document against them. Medical diagnosis billing classification requirements, such as International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems-10 (ICD-10), and mandatory quality improvement measures such as the Outcome and Assessment Information Set (OASIS) for home health agencies and the Hospice Item Set (HIS) for hospice organizations, are included. This helps users prove quality care, be fully reimbursed for care they provide and successfully pass any audit reviews.

Intuitive capabilities specific to Brightree’s EHR point-of-care app for the iPad include:

About Me™ organizational tools cleanly and logically present what’s most important for clinicians to manage, plus put patient information at the clinician’s fingertips. o My Day organizes tasks and patient visits so clinicians and field teams can take care of what is required for both patients and the office each day. The system alerts them when tasks are due so everything can be completed on time.

o My Patients keeps patient records and care plans accessible and organized.

o My Calendar lets clinicians review tasks and patient visits coming up for the day, week and month, as well as review past tasks and visits.

SmartJump™ navigation enables clinicians to move easily among different parts of the app to document information as it is learned, so they can follow the natural flow of a conversation rather than being tied to a prescribed workflow. Because it is context-aware, tapping on the SmartJump icon takes clinicians directly to the appropriate place without requiring them to search around. For example, when documenting progress against a symptom requiring medication, clinicians can tap to go directly to the spot in the patient record to note the need to change the dose or discontinue the medication. Relevant options for next steps appear in a drop down list. Tapping again takes clinicians back to where they were in the visit note, so they don’t lose their place in their conversation with the patient.

Tap & Go™ speeds both building care plans and documenting against them. Smart content for assessments, problems and mapped interventions appear in drop down lists, so clinicians can simply tap to add to a patient’s individualized care plan and/or visit note with minimal typing. The solution also addresses the following needs, among others:

Portability. The light portability of the iPad tablet enables clinicians to move freely with patients around their homes as they naturally interact with them to deliver care.

Accuracy. The ability to document most, if not all, information during a patient visit eliminates hours clinicians typically have to spend documenting after-hours on their own time. It also avoids re-work required when Quality Assurance teams discover missing or incomplete documentation.

Use Anywhere. Because the app resides on the iPad tablet, it does not require an Internet connection to work. Unlike browser-based applications that can run on an iPad tablet but aren’t native on it, Brightree Home Health and Brightree Hospice enable clinicians to work in any location without worrying that data will be lost when Internet access is interrupted, or that the system will be completely unavailable.

On-Call Access. On-call staff can access all patient records on the iPad without having to go into the office for information they need to properly care for patients they are covering.

Information Sharing. Patient information, care plans and visit notes can be easily shared among members of multi-disciplinary care teams to improve coordinated care.

The Brightree EHR app can be downloaded from the Apple iTunes AppStore. Only Brightree Home Health and Brightree Hospice customers can activate the app through a key provided during system implementation.

Solutions to be Showcased at NAHC and NHPCO

Brightree will showcase Brightree Home Health and Brightree Hospice at these upcoming industry events: National Association of Home Care & Hospice (NAHC) 2104 Annual Meeting on October 19 – 22, Booth 925, in the Phoenix Convention Center, Phoenix, AZ (; and National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization (NHPCO) 15 th Clinical Team Conference and Pediatric Intensive on October 27 – 29, Booth 620, at the Gaylord Opryland Resort and Convention Center in Nashville, TN (

About Brightree

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