Enhanced Brightree Interactive Voice Solution Addresses New Medicare Resupply Guidelines

New Capability for Automated Call Campaigns Supports Compliance and Protects Cash Flow as CMS Implements Tighter Regulations on Supply Replenishment

ATLANTA – August 29, 2012 – Brightree LLC, the leading provider of billing and business management software solutions for the home medical equipment (HME/DMEPOS) market, has delivered an industry-first capability for automated resupply call campaigns specifically designed to help providers adhere to new Medicare guidelines for non-consumable medical supply replenishment. Brightree has responded rapidly to the guidelines by deploying new call scripts that are delivered to patients through Brightree® Interactive Voice, a patient contact management system that automatically calls patients and records their responses to resupply inquiries. Under the new guidelines, patients are required to respond appropriately to check compliance before new orders are created for medical supplies needed to treat conditions such as sleep apnea. The enhanced capabilities from Brightree enable providers to easily assess and document that non-consumable items are non-functional before confirming and shipping patients’ resupply orders.

Chris Watson, chief marketing officer for Brightree, explained, “While other calling system vendors struggle to make the necessary adaptations to their programs, Brightree’s agile development resources were able to rapidly respond to the changing guidelines and deliver an automated call capability that helps providers remain compliant without adding manual calling resources or jeopardizing their ability to service their patients in a profitable manner. Immediately upon the announcement, we engaged with CMS, key customers, manufacturers and consultants to deliver the industry’s first solution that enables providers to comply with the new Medicare guidelines via our Voice solution.”

HME providers were quick to acknowledge the value of the project. Dan DeSimone, president and CEO of Continued Care of Long Island, New York noted, “We have tried different supply replenishment programs over the past few years. We’ve been using the Brightree Interactive Voice system for six months now and are very pleased with the results. Even with this major regulatory change, we were able to continue to provide our patients with the supplies they need while logging strict records of their items’ status. While many providers are still waiting on answers from their calling system providers, we have implemented the new Brightree capability and our patients are responding appropriately.”

Industry equipment manufacturers also appreciated the speed and reliability of the Brightree response. “Brightree continues to push the leading edge on innovative software and helps providers stay on top of changing regulatory requirements,” said Joe Muscatell, vice president for channel marketing and inside sales at ResMed, a global leader in the development, manufacturing and marketing of innovative medical products for the treatment and management of respiratory disorders, with a focus on sleep-disordered breathing.

How It Works

To accommodate the recent Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) guidelines for revised refill documentation instructions, Brightree Interactive Voice provides an option for HME providers to customize the call flow to their patients. During outbound and inbound calls, providers will be able to ask selected resupply patients equipment serviceability questions before finalizing orders. The ordered items and their respective reasons for resupply are stored in Brightree to create a thorough audit trail.

Brightree Interactive Voice is just one application in the comprehensive Brightree business management platform for HME providers. For more information on Brightree Interactive Voice and to schedule a demo, visit brightree.com/voice.

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