Putting IT in the Field

What if you could bring your business to your customers’ doorstep? To keep up with today’s ever-changing business climate and patient care challenges, HME providers are embracing the tools that keep their employees tethered to their business operations no matter where in the world they, their clients, employees or suppliers may be. Access to data that’s within arm’s reach empowers employees to make quick, informed decisions — decisions that can strengthen the bottom-line or improve patient satisfaction.

“Equipping field staff with mobile technology proves beneficial to HMEs as it allows complete visibility into the business, increased operational efficiency, seamless integrations between field staff and the back office and immediate cost reductions,” says Rob Boeye, executive vice president of home medical equipment for software company Brightree LLC. “HME providers who are not utilizing mobile technology are missing out on these benefits, and run the risk of losing out to the competition as other providers deploy mobile in their everyday operations.”

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