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Video Testimonial: Aligning Visions for the Future

Vision for the Future

Technology is ever-changing, as are the requirements that govern the post-acute industry. Not all vendors are equal, therefore you must always look at their long-term viability, vision and track record for delivering on promises. Partnering with a vendor that understands your needs and is committed to the post-acute space is critical. Your technology partner should continually invest in their software and be able to proactively respond to the quickly-changing industry.

Winning Formula for the Future INVESTMENT + VISION = A vendor that is committed to you and your organization.


The latest buzz about interoperability is due to the increasing need for systems and devices to be able to exchange data and to use that data– and it is becoming vital to the future success of your organization. Technology that shares clinical information, documents, and images among systems, clinicians, and patients is at the center of healthcare transformation. Unfortunately, older systems are unable to provide the capability for the data to follow the patient from care setting to care setting. Interoperability to enable data access is a fundamental requirement to improve patient outcomes, streamline productivity, ensure reimbursement and reduce costs. Quality is the name of the game in care delivery today – both for you and for your referral sources!

True interoperability offers the capability for systems to consume and process data beyond basic document level exchange. True interoperability provides the ability to extract, populate and reconcile the data within your patient chart automatically, without the need for manual data entry.

Post-acute care providers must have interoperability strategies in place to access and connect critical patient information across all care settings to enable the best possible care for patients. Providers who can do this will reduce costs, improve outcomes and become preferred partners to their referral sources. Providers who do not embrace interoperability may ultimately be displaced.

Brightree provides your organization with revolutionary functionality that will result in improved compliance and clinician satisfaction, all while supporting your everyday operations.

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