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Bowes In Home Care discusses how Brightree has been the best choice for their home health organization

By taking proactive steps towards identifying how technology fits into your organization’s business model, and partnering with the right system, you can reduce the effects of ongoing compliance and regulatory changes.  This allows the focus on what matters most – providing exceptional patient care and ensuring a seamless experience for patients and their families.  Brightree is a true point-of-care solution, designed for clinicians by clinicians, with built-in checks and balances that support documentation compliance and also significantly reduces QA staff time. Seamlessly integrated with the back-office software, our customers have confidence that their patient record is complete and accurate and their employee satisfaction is improved.

The Bowes In Home Care team discusses the strengths of a partnership with Brightree:


“[Medicare} changes are not going to stop. Medicare is going to continue to evolve and to change and this software system and the people behind it are working every day to continue to make those changes, monitoring what is actually happening in our industry, working with us as a partner.”

– Michael Collura, CEO

Clinical Administrator:

“I’ve been working in home health for 26 years, so I have been through the whole gamut of documentation.”

— Susan Wrzeszcz, RN, BSN, Clinical Administrator


“Fortunately for us, Brightree met the needs that other software systems did not.”

– Ryan Romanack, COO

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