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Give Your Clinicians the Gift of Work-Life Balance

Clinicians chose healthcare as their profession to help patients, not to become technology experts. Clunky, rigid documentation systems become a burden and create an unfriendly wall between clinicians and their patients. The ability to document at or near the point-of-care not only eliminates “homework” for the clinicians and allows them to complete their documentation faster, but it also improves accuracy since they do not have to rely on their memories hours later. No ‘homework’ for the clinician to complete after hours is a win-win for both the clinician and the organization; the clinician is free to unplug after work and the organization isn’t receiving incomplete or incorrect documentation.

Below are some of the ways the right technology can ease clinician stress and optimize operational efficiency: 



This holiday season, give your clinicians a point-of-care tool that was designed FOR them by other clinicians. Our iPad app is easy to use, intuitive and extremely efficient AND it allows your clinicians to access their patient records and document with or without Internet access.

“One of our clinicians said, ‘You know, it took me seven years to learn our previous software, and it took me seven hours to learn Brightree!”

— Eileen Johnson, RN, MSN, CPHQ, Senior Director of Quality & Data Analytics, Alive Hospice


“Brightree allows our clinical staff to focus on providing the best patient care possible. The documentation with enhanced flowsheets, task hotlists and scheduling capabilities ensure the staff feels confident in the software because they are guided through the requirements to keep us compliant.”

— Tarrah Lowry-Schreiner, Executive Director, Wesley Homes


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