Boost your stream of referrals with sleep therapy compliance

Sleep therapy is a growing, highly competitive and compliance-driven market, but success depends on data collection, patient outcomes and compliance, and handling industry rules and regulations. The right technology partner can provide you with the tools and resources to handle all these challenges, and help you maintain and grow referrals, which are the backbone of any sleep therapy business.

How can technology boost your Sleep Therapy referral base?

Monitor Compliance 

Sleep therapy compliance automates patient compliance management via real-time integration with leading sleep therapy manufacturers. Deliver meaningful information to your post-acute referral sources because you can access compliance and therapy reports directly from your system. Non-compliance can be determined earlier so providers know which patients need help. Become a key player in your referral sources’ care team because you can help them avoid readmissions by helping more of their patients comply with home therapy care protocols.

With Brightree® sleep therapy integrations, you don’t need to wait 90 days to prove compliant use through patient follow-up. Real-time integration with Brightree’s technology can help you prove compliance and document what you need for billing in 30 days.

Drive Long-term Compliance with a Leading Resupply Program

With Brightree Connect as your resupply program, providers can launch automated, intelligent patient contact campaigns to reach the right patient at the right time with the right products. With Brightree Connect, providers can:

  • track patients that are eligible for resupply
  • increase communication with customers
  • improve clinical outcomes
  • reduce denials by as much as 50%, and
  • even see an average $50 uplift per sales order.

Once a patient is compliant, they automatically get enrolled for resupply. This gives you the opportunity to optimize your resupply, increase the value per order and drive long-term compliance.

Reinforcing compliance also strengthens the relationship with your referral sources as you can assist them in delivering successful patient outcomes, not just episodes of care. You get to become a reliable partner for their care team!

Direct-to-Patient Shipping

Leverage technology to move inventory out of your warehouse and into the hands of patients. With Brightree’s epurchasing your organization can become even more efficient and cost effective by ordering supplies directly from leading vendors and performing direct-to-patient shipping. This will help relieve the mounting industry pressures of reduced reimbursement rates, additional compliance regulations, higher shipping charges, and will reduce your inventory costs.

Receive Referrals Directly into your System

It’s not enough to receive and send information – physicians want a committed partner who cares for their patients, demonstrates strategies to avoid readmission, provides metrics and protects patient health information. Meet these goals and strengthen your position as a strong service provider in the HME industry with Brightree. Our exchange platform will enable your HME organization to seamlessly communicate with acute care referral sources as well as exchange information and receive referrals from external referral sources and Hospice customers, who are also part of the Brightree community. Coordinate care via secure messaging with your Hospice, Home Care, and HME referrals that are also Brightree customers. —

Don’t just tell your referral sources about new products and equipment, let them know how you leverage technology and best-in-class workflows to ensure you take stellar care of their patients; and moreover, that you will make sure they are protected against any reimbursement surprises.

The right technology solution provider can help you achieve these goals. Let Brightree’s advanced technology do the work for you. Nurture your referral sources with confidence and grow your pipeline, eliminate the need for back-and-forth communication and do what you do best: take care of their patients.

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