Brightree Revenue Cycle Management gives Aeratech Home Medical “peace of mind” to grow its business and increase revenue, productivity

Brightree Revenue Cycle Management Gives Aeratech Home Medical “Peace of Mind” to Grow Its Business and Increase Revenue, Productivity

Aeratech Home Medical was like many home medical equipment (HME) providers, struggling with slower reimbursements and the need to collect money faster. Aeratech CEO Roy Neely and his staff were spending too much time chasing down payments and managing cash flow despite working with another outsourced vendor for billing services for years. And these outstanding payments were keeping him from expanding the business. Aeratech needed a new solution to be more profitable and productive.

“In order for us to grow, and expand into the areas that we wanted to go, we needed cash fl ow,” Neely said. “The best way to do that is to collect the money that is owed to us.”

Breakthrough with Brightree RCM

Neely was using an RCM competitor of Brightree but did not have confi dence that they could collect more cash, faster. He was familiar with Brightree, having used the Brightree software solution since 2007, but never took advantage of Brightree’s Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) solution for billing.

“I drug my feet adding additional services because I was scared to have all my eggs in one basket,” Neely said. That changed in 2016 after he learned that not only does Brightree RCM manage billing and collections, but also simplifi es reporting and navigates the challenges of regulatory issues – all services that Neely was looking for in a solution.

Brightree RCM suite is a powerful combination of software and services comprising patient intake management, best practice consulting, and insurance billing and patient billing. What impressed Neely was the ability to improve collections (get more cash) and get paid faster than with his previous vendor. With Brightree RCM, Neely saw more sales going out and more payments coming in. “With the expertise of RCM billing, it just was a perfect fit,” Neely said.

“Brightree has given me the tools to help better manage my company, collect money faster and allocate my resources to be more productive. Thanks to Brightree, we’re now operating at an optimal level.

Getting Results Begins with Great People

It didn’t take long for Neely and staff to see substantial improvements in revenue, reporting and communication. The real game-changer was the personal touch Aeratech received from Brightree’s experienced professionals, including one-on-one instructions with a dedicated account manager who provides recommendations for incremental improvements. “What made the transition to Brightree RCM one of the easiest processes is the people I had to deal with on the front line,” Neely said. “Everyone is easy to work with and we are thrilled with the person that is leading our team with RCM because they communicate with us and are always encouraging our staff to do better. It’s great to have someone that gives us feedback and is attentive to your business.” Neely added that his Brightree account manager “looks at the numbers that would be normal in the industry and tells us the areas where we need to improve. From

Cash Plus Confidence is a Winning Combination

In just a few short months with Brightree RCM, Aeratech collections improved by 29% and reduced Held A/R by 60%. Neely contributes much of his success to the support and tools that Brightree provides, giving him more time and greater peace of mind to focus on the front end of the business – working with referral sources and servicing respiratory patients and their families, something the company has done for 18 years.

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