RSWNY reduces DSO to 10 days with mobile delivery

RSWNY reduces DSO to 10 days with Mobile Delivery

After experiencing years of disorganization and wasted time, Respiratory Services of Western New York (RSWNY), a locally owned DME company in the Buffalo and Rochester region, needed to take action to eliminate the challenges brought on by its paper-based operation. The company was spending approximately $6,300 per month on paper and other printing costs and wasting up to four days of over time due to difficulty managing documents.

“We believe in providing the highest quality of customer service and with this software, we are able to provide the best care and services for our clients.” – John Pirrone, Director of Clinical Services.

Find out how Apacheta, a division of Brightree, helped them streamline their processes, reduce DSO to 10 days, and decreased serial number discrepancies by 97%.

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