Geneva Woods increases revenue and automates client interactions with Brightree

Geneva Woods Increases Revenue and Automates Client Interactions with Brightree

Geneva Woods nets a 22% jump in collections revenue and substantial gains in their resupply business with Brightree HME.

The Challenge:

  • Lack of in-house resources and knowledge to manage HME processes which could derail growth


The Solutions:


The Results:

  • $30K+ in revenue per month
  • 22% increase in collections
  • Greater efficiency and peripheral cost savings


About Geneva Woods

Based in Anchorage, Alaska, and serving clients throughout the northwestern U.S., the primary mission of Geneva Woods Pharmacy, Inc. remains the same even after almost 40 years in business—provide quality complete home care services to rural communities. They do that by “going the last mile, even if that last mile is 10 miles from the nearest road” to offer comprehensive pharmacy, supplies, equipment and respiratory services. Their remarkable growth in recent years is due largely to the ability to deliver clinical services that lead to better outcomes, lower costs and happier clients who can spend more time in their chosen home settings.

Tara Elliston, General Manager at Geneva Woods, attributes the company’s growth on three key assets: the company’s unwavering attention to the needs of their patients; sound, forward-thinking business decisions; and partnering with Brightree to manage and automate the gamut of their HME processes.


With stacks of paper-based sales orders that needed to be confirmed and reviewed and lacking the in-house expertise to do HME billing, the team at Geneva Woods knew they needed to overhaul their A/R management processes. However, in-house billing resources were sparse, and the organization didn’t have on-hand personnel who could manage appeals, redeterminations or reconsiderations with Medicare. “It was the toughest billing gig I ever had,” says Elliston. “The knowledgebase for in-house billing in Alaska is almost non-existent.”

In addition, Medicare reimbursement cuts, especially in rural areas like most of Alaska, meant that Geneva Woods would also have to optimize its collections’ processes and find innovative ways of increasing their revenue. “With all the structural and regulatory changes with Medicare and the state Medicaid system, the way that we’re going to be able to stay in business is to figure out what needs to be changed and do it better,” Elliston explains.


Revenue Cycle Management (RCM)

Geneva Woods Pharmacy initially engaged Brightree to clean up their existing A/R. Utilizing robust and highly skilled resources, Brightree completed a detailed analysis of the A/R, segmenting it into workable groups to allow for quick results within each payer. While an HME provider such as Geneva Woods might have a handful of resources that could be allocated to A/R backlog, Brightree RCM is able to allocate as much as ten times that amount toward a single project, producing cash returns from an A/R clean up within 30-45 days. At Geneva Woods, the existing backlog was completely caught up within a short 30 days.

Utilizing Brightree’s RCM project-based services for operational analysis gave Geneva Woods additional visibility into their data and business processes, allowing them to identify and evaluate areas where existing processes, resources and systems could be further optimized for greater efficiencies.

Brightree Patient Collections

Geneva Woods also implemented Brightree Patient Collections in its accounting receivable division to streamline the workflow of patient collections and reduce the manual labor typically associated with patient payment processing. Brightree Patient Collections typically helps HME providers recover up to five times more in patient payments.

Soon thereafter, Geneva Woods added the AutoPAY option, which gives Geneva Woods more immediate access to automated payments, and patients have an easy, secure method of making payments as well as tracking their invoices and other activity. Geneva Woods is now able to more easily collect on the front end, on things like co-pays, patient resupplies and rental equipment, especially when patient non-compliance or renewals become an issue.

Brightree HME Modules (Extended Solutions)

In order to further maximize the return on their Brightree investment, Geneva Woods implemented the following Brightree HME Modules:

  • Brightree Connect – enables automated, multi-touch patient resupply ordering and processing
  • ePurchasing – allows Geneva Woods to order directly from major manufacturers, reducing errors and manual re-entry
  • Mobile Delivery – removes both paperwork and guesswork from field deliveries



With Brightree, Geneva Woods has redefined their business practices, and reaped the benefits of optimized billing, streamlined processes and cost savings.

Optimized Billing Processes

According to Elliston, the highly responsive Brightree RCM team went beyond what she had come to expect of a billing vendor, pinpointing issues when and where they arise and acting as valued partners that are invested in the ongoing success of businesses like Geneva Woods.

“Having data analytics to really pinpoint how our business is doing as opposed to anecdotal evidence has allowed us to expand. Brightree can tell me when we’re doing write-offs on the back end because we’re lacking documentation and it’s not supported by Medicare or we didn’t get the Medicaid PA approved. That’s priceless information that allows us to better train our people and eliminate rejections.”

“With Brightree, we gained HME subject matter experts, which we didn’t have on staff,” says Elliston. “That allowed us to see how accurate we really were, because we then had stop-gap measures in place between what we were confirming and what we were billing. It turned out that we were sometimes billing when we should not have been, for compliance reasons. Brightree really helped us clean up our processes and institute training as well. With the power of Brightree RCM services, Brightree provided us the knowledge and guidance we required.”

Because Brightree RCM allowed Geneva Woods to only pay for billing services they actually used, and when they actually needed it, there were also big benefits in terms of the cost of incremental billing versus fixed billing. For instance, when $2 million in Medicaid billing was held up due to a third-party system upgrade, forcing manual refiling because of the blackout period, Geneva Woods leveraged Brightree RCM to handle the refiles in just a matter of days. And, billing services are paid on a percentage of what they are able to collect. “Brightree RCM is working hard, 24/7, to make sure that they have great returns for their clients.”

Increased Revenue

Once Geneva Woods began sending invoices via Brightree Patient Collections, processing patient payment collected records in accounts receivable, they saw an almost immediate jump in revenue of $22,000 per month—just on the backend. Along with the increase in collections, Geneva Woods can focus more on care-related inbound and outbound calls rather than collections.

Brightree Connect also made a huge impact on Geneva Wood’s resupply business. By proactively contacting patients regarding resupplies, the level of patient care, as well as patient compliance, remains high, and Geneva Woods has gained an average of $30,000 more per month in revenue.

Efficiency and Cost Savings

Geneva Woods has also been able to reduce much of the manual, duplicate effort usually required when placing orders through manufacturers and distributors by leveraging Brightree ePurchasing. Geneva Woods has seen dramatic increases in efficiency and decreases in order errors, plus ePurchasing is helping them expand their geographic coverage due to that efficiency.

Another valuable resource to Geneva Woods is Brightree’s Mobile Delivery solution, which has helped Geneva Woods recoup almost $4,000 in cost per month in write-offs due to lost or incorrect paperwork that could otherwise hold up payments. “Mobile Delivery has been a huge money-saver for us, just huge,” states Elliston. “As a means of making us compliant for our ACHC accreditation, it’s been invaluable, and our ‘missing’ proof of delivery errors have gone down to an incredible .04 percent.”

“As software that helps us stay HIPAA-compliant, as a reporting software, as business management software, Brightree is absolutely our favorite.”

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