Improve the delivery of patient care


HME providers face many challenges that hamper their workflow efficiency. Using older software solutions or manually managing business operations not only limits productivity but costs time and money. Upgrade your business management solution to achieve the highest possible levels of efficiency, functionality and automation.

Streamlining your business processes can save time and money, allow you to focus on higher payoff activities and produce better patient outcomes. Beyond billing and inventory, Brightree automates your workflows, including proven ROI options for document management, mobile delivery, sleep compliance, custom forms, outsourced billing and much more.

To accelerate growth, increase profits, and accomplish your goals, explore improvements in these areas of your business:

Digitize your Business

Documentation errors can be expensive for HME providers. Organizations waste significant time and money using manual processes for documentation and compliance. More importantly, outdated techniques could put you at greater risk of having patient data compromised. Your referral sources are shifting from paper to digital. You should too! Go paperless with a document management solution that lets you build custom forms and automatically index/store/retrieve documents in your system. Eliminate paper forms and significantly reduce order processing time by up to 20 minutes. The reality is that more complete documentation submitted to payers will increase likelihood of approved claims and full reimbursement.

Think Mobile technology is expensive? Think again

Leverage technology to move inventory out of your warehouse and into the hands with solutions like Mobile Delivery Management. Eliminate paperwork, spreadsheets and sticky notes that can compromise patient data. Mobile Delivery helps you efficiently manage your delivery drivers and maximize productivity in the field. Obtain quick and intuitive access to electronic documentation to improve the delivery, billing and audit-ready aspects of your facility. Other tools like ePurchasing combined with Mobile Delivery can help you greatly reduce delivery and inventory costs by leveraging all delivery methods to achieve faster reimbursements with direct-to-patient shipping, and improve efficiency with automatic population of delivery tracking information. The result could be a reduction of 30% or more in your DSO.

Incorporate a Resupply Program

With Brightree Connect as your resupply program, providers can launch automated, intelligent patient contact campaigns to reach the right patient at the right time with the right products. With Brightree Connect, providers can:

  • track patients that are eligible for resupply
  • increase communication with customers
  • improve clinical outcomes
  • reduce denials by as much as 50%, and
  • even see an average $50 uplift per sales order.

Once a patient is compliant, they automatically get enrolled for resupply. This gives you the opportunity to optimize your resupply, increase the value per order and drive long-term compliance.

Reinforcing compliance also strengthens the relationship with your referral sources as you can assist them in delivering successful patient outcomes, not just episodes of care. You get to become a reliable partner for their care team!

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