Merwin Home Medical gains more success with less effort with Brightree Patient Collections

How We Got Paid: Merwin Home Medical

The less labor intensive your processes are, the more money you are going to be able to keep in your pocket.

Christina Jones, Billing Manager


img_web_merwin_home_medical_casestudy_callout_010417Reimbursement cuts mean finding ways to reduce labor costs without cutting staff while maintaining the service level and quality equipment that patients had come to expect.

What Didn’t Work

Before we found Brightree Patient Collections, we did things… well, how everyone else does. We had a really labor-intensive billing process that involved 2-3 staff members and two weeks a month to get patient billing out the door. We printed, folded, stamped and mailed monthly statements by hand, by ourselves. We could never get things out on time and had to jump through hoops with our local collections agency. We were required to print separate itemized statements and to then put each and every statement into a spreadsheet. It was a mess. And it was extremely time-consuming. We really had to do something when reimbursement cuts started affecting our business. We needed to find a way to get the patient balance out to patients faster so that we could get money in the door faster. It was either that or start laying off staff.

Making the Switch

At this point, we couldn’t keep doing everything ourselves and, frankly, we needed an expert. Patient Collections offered efficiencies that we couldn’t find with any other vendor at a comparable price. By automating our process, we’ve been able to reallocate one full-time employee to focus on the insurance side of our business, rather than spending his time trying to collect from patients, which has increased our claims accuracy immeasurably. Patient Collections’ invoice process makes sure patients get their bills on time with no manual labor on our part. On top of that, Patient Collections offers features which help us focus more on complying with new industry rules and regulations. We have to do more with less, and these features bridge that gap for us. Brightree Patient Collections products AutoPAY and eDelivery let patients choose between traditional or online payments and correspondence, which is a huge leap from the norm. The Patient Portal creates a synergy between collections and sales. We put a simple button on our homepage that drives patients directly to the Patient Portal to check their accounts or pay bills immediately. By putting our homepage link on our invoices and using them as an advertising platform for the Patient Portal, we’re creating views for our other product offerings without any additional advertising and collecting more money faster.

Because we’re collecting more on the front end, we’re sending less to phone collections and are instead focusing on the insurance portion of our business. Having Patient Collections working the private-pay side means we can literally sit back and stop having to mess with the patient side of things. We’ve cut labor costs, kept our same superior level of service, and found a way to do what everyone seems to think is impossible.

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