Why rightsource with Brightree RCM?

Do you need help cleaning up your Unconfirmed Sales Orders? Held A/R? Are you experiencing a high Denial Rate? Do you have thousands of your dollars tied up in aging A/R? What if you had better control over managing your claims and collecting more cash faster from both payers and patients? If you’re ready to free up your cash and billing staff to focus on business growth, you may be considering outsourcing.

Traditionally, HME providers have outsourced a specific service such as billing or collections to save the expense and time involved in recruiting, training and staffing an internal collection team.  Don’t settle for the traditional!

Don’t just Outsource, when you can Right Source with Brightree!

Partner with the industry-leading HME solutions provider for insurance billing and patient collections to amplify compliance and elevate your business with access to experienced billing resources specially trained to keep your A/R moving while freeing up your staff and your money for growth and expansion. Brightree provides peace of mind that you are collecting the CASH you’re owed!

We Stand Alone; So You Never Will

We customize our RCM solution to meet your specific needs. Unlike any of our competition, we provide turnkey solutions combining automation, analytics and reporting, best business practices, and a knowledgeable billing and collections team that serve as an extension of your internal staff. We deliver more results because we invest more in you. We get the collections and billing right the first time. We take in-depth metrics and analytics to the next level by providing you with executive driven financial trending reports and a collaborative action plan to keep your business healthy and on a growth path. You get the confidence in consistent and predictable cash flow when you right source with Brightree!

“Cash flow is king in any DME business. That has been helped with Brightree’s RCM. We also expanded our in-house team and insurance collections arm by outsourcing this part of our business to Brightree’s RCM. It’s allowed us to focus more on growing the business and taking care of our patients.”

– David Hosemann, Hometown Medical

We’re Your Collections Arm; We’ll Keep The A/R Moving

We alleviate staffing headaches for your expert billing and collections team. You don’t have to recruit, train, or worry about staffing challenges including people out at billing time. You have a constant staff on hand when you right source with Brightree! 

“We always know that our cash flow isn’t going to be interrupted because we have Brightree RCM on our side.”

– Tara Elliston, General Manager, Geneva Woods Pharmacy and Health Care Services

Keep Your Team Lean and Happy; Build Together! We are an extension of your billing team and so much more including the introduction and implementation of best business practices in your existing business model. You can reallocate your staff to productivity related activities and patient care. You can also focus on developing new product lines and growing referral sources. You get to concentrate on building your business when you right source with Brightree!


“In this business, you have to have more than just the A-team. Your A-team also has to have the tools they need to be successful in their jobs.”

– David Hosemann, Hometown Medical

Why Right Source with Brightree RCM? Brightree RCM has the ability to leverage economies of scale, with more than 400 team members accountable for over $475 million in provider revenue per year. Our capabilities mean we have access to competitively qualified resources which serve as your billing and collections arm. We are here to help providers just like you drive your business forward with healthy revenues and cash flow.

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