Sleep solutions stays competitive with streamlined systems

Sleep Solutions Stays Competitive With Streamlined Systems

Like many providers, Sleep Solutions Home Medical built their success through hard work and solid planning. Over time, patient intake increased, rental equipment needs expanded, and new therapy opportunities helped the Michigan-based company grow its offerings. While excited about the forward momentum, Robyn Parrott, the company’s owner and a respiratory therapist, knew they needed a software solution that would allow for additional growth.

Robyn and her management team identified opportunities they were missing due to an outdated software platform: rentals couldn’t be adequately tracked and billed, problems connecting to payers created inefficiency and denials, and sales opportunities in the regional HME market were being missed.

“Our business was growing faster than our software capabilities,” Robyn says, “We knew we needed to step it up, we just needed to find the right partnership.”

Enhanced Brightree Platform Creates New Efficiencies

The management team evaluated several software options and, in March of 2010, Sleep Solutions implemented the Brightree Platform. The Brightree team worked closely with staff at both Sleep Solutions locations to provide training and support, ensuring a smooth transition process. The collection of solutions from Brightree created an information bridge across the company, tearing down the internal information silos.

“Brightree’s main contribution to our business is the streamlining of our processes. The Brightree Platform pulls our information together and serves as our go-to place,” she says, “The team likes it and they trust it.”

In fact, this streamlined process is what Robyn believes helped her team achieve success.

Since implementing Brightree, Sleep Solutions has seen a 38% decrease in overall denials, with an astounding average denial rate under 2% for sleep business. Brightree’s automated No-Touch™ workflows allowed Sleep Solutions to increase sales without having to increase its staff. Billing specialists are able to process more claims with fewer errors by focusing on exceptions that Brightree identifies, then automatically route those claims to work queues for quick resolution. Since implementing Brightree, and without increasing the size of the billing staff, Robyn and her team also reduced AR past 120 days by 9%.

A New System Creates the Competitive Edge

As the operational teams found success, so did the sales team. Sales representatives manage office calls with Brightree, also accessible to clinicians during the patient visit. By giving the team access to real-time information, Robyn was finally able to give her reps a competitive edge in the field.

“Our outside sales team is able to pull up detailed and up-to-date account information anywhere they find an internet connection,” explains Robyn, “It let’s them easily answer questions or identify issues.”

This powerful combination of Brightree cloud technology with remote access also affords better communication between the clinical and sales teams. Clinical staff, who adopted the use of tablet computers in 2012, can enter case notes, access order and rental histories, and make important decisions — all while visiting with patients. Securely stored in the Brightree system, reps access this information to coordinate care with referring physicians. As one Brightree user recalls:

“I signed into Brightree on my laptop, read the case notes, and told the doctor right in his office what was going on with the patient.”

Instant access to patient and inventory information allows the sales team to offer options on the spot and boost sales along diverse product lines. Sleep Solutions reported a 38% increase in revenue the first year after implementation of Brightree and an average monthly revenue increase of 55% in the second half of that year.

Finding Growth Opportunities in a Challenging Market

In addition to the operational efficiencies and sales success, Sleep Solutions also uses Brightree to enhance their customer experience. The streamlined system allowed Sleep Solutions’ marketing manager to extract current contact lists at any time which created another dynamic partnership between the sales, marketing, and clinical teams.

“Email marketing is a core part of our marketing strategy,” says marketing manager Katie Parrott, “With Brightree I am confident my lists are always up-to-date, plus I don’t have to waste anyone’s time chasing down details.”

To realize the full potential of Brightree’s solutions, Sleep Solutions also makes use of the continuous improvement tools available to all Brightree customers. The online Brightree Learning Center helps users take advantage of the full benefits of the system, as do the free Lunch-and-Learns regularly announced on the Brightree system home page. The Sleep Solutions team regularly attends educational programs that Brightree offers online. The sessions are recorded so they can watch them online at any time which makes time management a breeze.

Sleep Solutions knew that its legacy billing software was holding the company back and the move to Brightree contributed to a burst of growth for the company despite difficult market conditions.

“You have to think outside the box these days. We’ve always been on a solid growth path, but our business has certainly improved under Brightree,” Robyn says “Altogether, it’s been awesome.”

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