Ways to enhance relationships with your referral sources

Referrals are critical to the success of your HME business. What steps can you take to strengthen the relationships with your referral sources and keep them engaged over the long term? Here are some tips for impressing your referral sources:

Connect and Remain Relevant

One of the best ways that providers can meet the needs of their referral sources is by being interoperable. Referral sources are rapidly embracing technology to send electronic referrals from their EHR system. HME providers will be at a distinct advantage if they are equipped with the technology to accept referrals electronically, request electronic signatures and share patient data and outcomes.

The benefits of interoperability to HME providers are impressive: seamless exchange of data, streamlined referral processes for both the referral source and the provider, reduction of errors, decrease in order entry times, and most importantly, strengthening of referral relationships.

Digitize your Business

Your referral sources are shifting from paper to digital, so you should too! One way to go paperless is by adding a document management solution that will let you build custom forms and automatically index, store and retrieve documents in your system. By doing so, you can eliminate paper forms and significantly reduce order processing time.

Advanced technology can also help you ensure timely delivery of products to patients (which will make your referral sources very happy!). For example, a mobile delivery management solution can help you eliminate missing paper delivery tickets that hold up billing processes and help ensure that all phases of the delivery workflow are documented electronically. HME providers that leverage a mobile delivery management solution have seen a newfound ability to efficiently manage their drivers and maximize productivity in the field.

Provide Referral Sources with Patient Outcome Data

Referral sources not only want to hear about the features and benefits of your products, they also want to receive feedback about how well your products are meeting the needs of your patients in order to avoid readmission. As the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) continue to enforce better patient outcomes as a measure for reimbursements, what matters most is improving the condition of the patient and limiting acute-care readmission.

Therapy compliance and patient education can help meet these goals and minimize the cost of chronic disease management. Look for technology that lets you easily document and provide compliance documentation quickly, through real-time data from intelligent medical devices. Patients receive better care because non-compliance can be identified earlier, so you know which patients you need to assist with compliance. This also helps you deliver meaningful information to your acute-care referral sources and avoid readmissions, since you’re helping more of their patients comply with home therapy care protocols.

Keep in Touch!

Effective communications can reassure your referral sources of your commitment to meeting their needs and caring for their patients. Don’t just tell your referral sources about new products and equipment, keep them informed about the ever-changing requirements of Medicare and private insurance. Let them know how you leverage technology and best-in-class workflows to take stellar care of their patients.

Brightree Prepares You for Success

In order to meet the growing expectations of your referral sources, you need a technology partner with robust solutions that can help you to achieve operational efficiency, deliver excellent service and delight your patients.

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