Williams Bros. Health Care Pharmacy triples billing efficiency and sees “money in the mail”

I’m a numbers guy. So when I see that my ROI is 1,884%, well there’s really not a whole lot more to be said.

– Brandon Beard, Corporate Accounts Receivable Manager


img_web_williams_bros_casestudy_callout_010417The way we were forced to do business was putting us out of business. While our private pay billing was in-house, we had two full-time private pay staff members and 15 employees for insurance billing. Each month on billing day, we’d have to gather all 17 employees and shut down an entire department for five hours just to get patient billing out the door. That’s a combined 85 hours each month that should have been spent on orders and claims, yet was being wasted working patient pay. Our only option was to increase our staff, but even that was just another band-aid on a bleeding artery.

What Didn’t Work

Finding a new solution was a bit of a process. Our Billing Manager had just chosen Brightree over CU-TIMS in an effort to get things under control, and was looking for a private-pay software solution to complement our new approach. We first tried one of Brightree Patient Collections’ competitors. Five months in, we discovered that some of our patient correspondence wasn’t going out, their prices were higher than we had anticipated, and since we hadn’t bought into a specific contract with them, we didn’t even have access to all of their promised services. On top of that, patient correspondence kept including wrong dates and missing data, and without a dashboard to manage our patient accounts, we were basically on our own to figure out the mess that was left behind. Their product was simply not what we were led to believe.

Making the Switch

We decided to try one more option—Patient Collections. After already having been buttered up and burned once, we were skeptical of their unique approach and radical claims of changing patient behavior and getting providers paid. But they put their money where their mouth was, and our patients started putting money in the mail. Patient Collections kept the promises its competitor couldn’t. The first huge change was our staff’s billing workload. After implementing Patient Collections and their Enhanced Services, we were able to cut those two full-time private-pay workers down to one and completely eliminate the need to use the other 15 insurance billers on billing day. That’s a reallocation of a combined 85 hours. On top of that, AutoPAY triples our billing efficiency. Instead of running from one end of the office to the other to access the credit card machine all the time, we know our money is coming in automatically every month on the date the invoice is due. Since the AR Dashboard is our merchant processor, we have access to run any card right at our fingertips. We’re sending targeted, effective, and most importantly, correct communication to our patients; we’re monitoring what’s happening with our patient accounts in real time in the AR Dashboard; and we’ve got direct access to an amazing customer service team. It’s clear to us that Patient Collections is by far one of the best changes we’ve ever made to our business. The numbers just don’t lie.

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