Brightree ReSupply has been central to our growth as an organization. We’re very excited about the digital tools available to help us deliver a better patient experience.

Gary Sheehan President and CEO, Cape Medical Supply
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Patient ReSupply

Solving the resupply puzzle

With resupply revenue contributing a significant portion of most providers revenue, it’s not an area you take lightly. That’s why we bring everything we’ve got to further streamline the process, improve patient outcomes and reduce attrition.

We know resupply isn’t easy, but our comprehensive, end-to-end solution makes you think it is. In fact, we have the largest solution in the industry that’s tailored to manage resupply complexities while fully meeting the individual needs of your business. 

Integrating the pieces

While the pieces of the resupply puzzle – software automation, patient outreach, document chase, fulfillment and data — are varied, your approach doesn’t have to be scattered.  We start long before your staff ever contacts the patient to reorder. And our solution expands far beyond CPAP to include the multiple disease states of diabetic, enteral, ostomy, incontinence and urology supply ordering.

When you’re ready to make a significant impact to your resupply business, we have the answer. Brightree ReSupply offers you a combination of cutting-edge resupply technology – including our newly acquired SNAP software platform – with live call services of patient support and resupply education for the best retention outcomes in the industry.

Brightree ReSupply results

  • Improved outcomes. The ability to ensure consistent receipt of the necessary supplies improves your patient’s therapy compliance for greater outcomes.
  • Expanded efficiency. Our end-to-end solution for multiple disease states means you get more in the way of consolidated workflows, reduced manual work and minimized errors.
  • Greater gains. A low-touch approach maximizes your revenue gains by generating a recurring, dependable revenue stream.
  • Stronger relationships. Your ability to maintain comfortable and effective therapy for patients helps ensure outcomes are achieved and boosts the confidence of your physician referrals.

Core solutions & benefits

Find out how you can improve the patient experience and grow your resupply business with Brightree ReSupply