"With Brightree ReSupply, our people easily navigate the system to deliver the greatest patient care and outcomes - and that's number one for us."

Josh Marx Managing Director, Sleep & Vice President, Business Development at Medical Service Company
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Patient ReSupply

Automate and personalize HME resupply

Fulfill more orders, manage electronic documentation, and keep every patient engaged in their therapy with Brightree patient resupply software.

Automated resupply systems have the potential to drive your revenue higher and increase patient retention – so why wait? With Brightree ReSupply, you’re able to design patient-centered digital avenues for order generation, documentation, and billing that use software automations to take the heavy lifting off of your staff’s shoulders.

When patients can easily place and receive resupply orders using digital platforms, you spend less time managing manual processes and multiple to-do lists – and more time providing patient care. By reducing employee touches and allowing sophisticated software to identify and complete resupply tasks, you’re able to:

  • Let people work with patients while software handles the data
  • Complete more orders, more frequently for increased revenue
  • Ensure accurate documentation and maintain compliance

Brightree ReSupply results

  • Generate, verify, and send orders without manual entry
  • Establish thoughtful, proactive automated communication with patients
  • Meet modern patient expectations with digital ordering options
  • Remove bottlenecks and reduce errors completing complex documentation

Core solutions & benefits

Multiple modalities for your patients

Brightree ReSupply is a fully integrated, turnkey solution that includes customizable features to help you manage multiple aspects of patient care.

  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
    Advanced voice recognition software makes no-touch resupply simple and seamless for your patients. Patients who prefer to connect over the phone can place orders, make payments, and keep their treatment on track without employee involvement.
  • Guided calling
    Our payer-compliant guided calling scripts allow your staff to manage and direct patient calls with maximum efficiency. Often a combination of IVR and live calling, these custom communication workflows make sure each patient can easily access the information they need.
  • E-mail
    For patients who prefer electronic communication, e-mail sparks a significant percentage of orders each month. With our e-mail solution, your patients receive automated and personalized messages to help them manage their health with on-time resupply orders.
  • Mobile app
    Give patients 24/7 access to their resupply information with a mobile app that provides secure, intuitive communication options. Connect with patients wherever they are and instill trust in your program through consistent notifications and updates.
  • Online portal
    Using a brandable, web-based patient portal empowers patients to take an active role in their treatment, giving them anytime access to their resupply schedule, treatment plan, and billing information.
  • Scheduled order
    For patients who prefer to “set it and forget it,” scheduled ordering gives them the power to request and receive orders on a regular cycle. Combined with Brightree AutoPAY, this solution helps keep both patients’ health and payments on track.

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