With Brightree’s ReSupply platform, our monthly revenue has literally tripled. That's not a typo.

Tara Elliston, General Manager, Geneva Woods
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Patient ReSupply

Exceptional patient care and sustainable business

The Brightree ReSupply program helps HME suppliers improve the patient experience and optimize revenue streams. Combining proven technology with expert program management, and a repository of the richest HME Patient Resupply data available in the industry, our solution delivers the right tools to effectively manage both the clinical and the ordering side of the business.

Live-calling and order intake services enable you to connect with patients—in the way they wish to be contacted—to fulfill their resupply needs and improve compliance, so they can maximize their health benefits.


Snapworx is now part of the Brightree family.

SNAP’s complementary capabilities increase workflow automation for HMEs, saving time on patient interaction and document retrieval.    


Our ReSupply customers have seen great results, including:

  • 29% higher resupply revenue
  • 37% greater revenue per order
  • 9% more patients retained in the resupply program
  • 1.55M patients enrolled in Brightree ReSupply

Core solutions & benefits

Find out how you can improve the patient experience and grow your resupply business with Brightree ReSupply