Streamline your business by analyzing, understanding and optimizing every aspect of your operational footprint and workflows with Brightree consulting and data services.

From financial reporting to custom data extracts, from data mining to data service, Brightree data optimization services cover every aspect of your business, helping you identify and implement best practices and discover every opportunity for improvement and savings.

On top of that, we offer a number of consulting engagement options to help businesses better identify areas of improvement and implement solutions—each customizable to your unique needs, and designed to help you optimize your workflows to boost performance and efficiency.

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What can Brightree consulting services do for your business?

Operational Workflow Analysis (OWA)

Identify best practice recommendations with a full review of your process flows and use of Brightree, from intake to collections.

Metrics, reporting and KPI

Easily create and develop management and financial reports to measure important metrics related to business goals and workforce management.

Brightree Optimization Suite

Improve your Brightree experience and optimize software functionality with best practices in intake, inventory, billing and collections.

Business Rules Engine (BRE)

Mitigate risk for denials and non-profitable items with custom validation rules that allow personalized system design.

How can Brightree data services help your business?

Brightree Sandbox

Get a fast, independent copy of production data that’s useful for optimizing employee training, skill building, and API testing.

Custom forms

Easily create client-specific forms, such as pick-up tickets, facility invoices, CMNs and prior authorizations.

GL extracts

Daily, weekly or monthly extracts are available for financial reporting, delivered to a secure FTP or inbox folder.

Daily data extracts

Daily data extract packages offer the chance to populate a data warehouse that can be used to improve reporting, analysis and data mining capabilities.

Custom data extracts

Customer-identified information can be easily extracted from Brightree and delivered to a secure FTP site.

Mergers and acquisitions

Data migration available in the case of a merger, acquisition or partnership, including project management and training services.

Data service work

Looking for a custom update to a unique field in the Brightree system? Let us know and we’ll create a customized solution to your request.

Price table load

Get custom, programmatic assistance to create and update the pricing tables available via Brightree formatted templates.


“Brightree’s team has supported us by discussing our benchmarks and how we can better succeed as a company.”

Diana Burns, Operations Manager, Olympia Respiratory Service

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