Organizations that embrace analytics are twice as likely to outperform their peers. Are you making data-driven decisions?

With Brightree, you can. Using our Analytics solutions, you can quantify your performance against industry trends, find opportunities to grow your business, and act on real information to get more revenue coming in.

Using Data more intelligently to increase productivity, and better serve your patients while reducing costs is the key. No longer are data and analytics a luxury for the HME industry; in today’s environment, being able to make data-driven decisions is absolutely essential for a successful business and the best patient care.

Concise, consumable insights

With access to billions of data points within your business, as well as comparisons to providers across the nation, Advanced Analytics puts actionable insights into your hands – so you make smarter decisions.

Purposeful dashboards

A smart and clean view on everything from revenue cycles and productivity to resupply and employee efficiency. The more you know, the more you can outperform your peers.

Customized data

For individual needs, get access to your own data to start generating customized reports that integrate your other data sources for a holistic, scalable view of your business performance.

Analytics Solutions

Productivity growth post-Covid is all about leveraging technology and data insights to reduce inefficiency while improving patient outcomes. Brightree gives you the tools to help you make smarter decisions.

Brightree Reporting

Brightree Reporting gives you valuable insights into key performance metrics through prebuilt reports. Use the Executive Dashboard to see business trends in a graphical format or get Ad-Hoc Reports exportable to PDF and Excel formats for individually tuned reports.

Brightree Advanced Analytics

Brightree Advanced Analytics provides you with more robust dashboards to help you monitor your business and discover actionable information. You can evaluate the effectiveness and performance of your business compared to other organizations and focus on business growth drivers rather than spending time pulling reports.

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Data Solutions

We are moving into an era where the data is informing you what you need to focus on within your organization. What should you be working on? Where are the areas of opportunity? Data can show you the way.

Brightree Data Extracts

Brightree Data Extracts give you an everyday window into pre-curated data. Extracted nightly, the raw data helps you develop customized monitoring and reporting for your business.

Brightree Data as a Service (DaaS)

Brightree Data as a Service (DaaS) utilizes Snowflake, an industry-leading data warehousing solution, to provide you with on-demand data in a simple, reliable and cost-effective way to meet your needs. With near real-time data, you’re always in the know.

Why Data and Analytics Matter

Top performing enterprises use business analytics five times more than lower performers.

Brightree can help you use data to:

Improve patient outcomes and reduce costs by accessing insight that connects your team to patients.

Focus your team on increasing productivity and helping more patients with the same resources you have now.

Measure performance in real time and make decisions faster. Spend more time leveraging data and less time preparing it.

Be prepared for a world where virtual management is required by engraining data-driven management into your organization’s culture.

Spend more time leveraging your data, less time preparing it

Current State Data Analytics
Future State Data Analytics

Expert shows executives the “why” of getting plugged in to informed decisions with Advanced Analytics

"I give Brightree's analytics platform and A+. It's easy to navigate and understand, and the entire team was over the moon with the data it provided to drive our numbers up."
Susan Prenda, Officer, Epoch Sleep and Neuro Diagnostic Services


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