In today’s competitive, high-growth, compliance-driven market, your success depends on data collection, patient outcomes, and successful navigation of industry rules and regulations. With a portfolio of sleep therapy offerings, Brightree supports your business—in all the ways that matter.

We offer HME solutions that integrate with leading sleep therapy equipment manufacturers and diagnostic testing services. And our ReSupply program works to help reinforce compliance and improve patient outcomes and retention.

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Core solutions & benefits

Diagnostic testing

Brightree’s diagnostic testing integration enables efficiency and faster patient care: Route testing orders from diagnostic testing service (DTS) systems and view the results directly from within Brightree. You’ll help eliminate duplicate data entry and drastically reduce workflow interruptions. And the integration comes at no additional charge for Brightree HME customers.

  • Do more with diagnostic testing + Brightree Document Management (BDM)

    • Transmit supporting test documentation from within BDM to the DTS system
    • Automatically move test results from the DTS system to storage in the BDM
  • Ordering costs are reduced
  • Our fully integrated solution replaces submissions via fax, phone, and testing partner websites
  • Test results are confirmed electronically
  • Patient data is transmitted from Brightree to the DTS system
  • Notifications of test completion and status information are automated
  • Test results and other reports/documents are stored in the DTS

Sleep therapy compliance

Because Brightree is integrated with leading CPAP manufacturers’ data solutions, you can access real-time compliance and therapy reports directly from within your Brightree account.

Gone are the days of waiting months to prove compliance. With real-time integration, proof of compliance comes directly from the equipment, enabling you to not only address non-compliance sooner to improve patient outcomes, but you can bill in 30 days.

  • Add patients directly to the sleep management system from within the Brightree solution.
  • Eliminate manual and duplicate data entry tasks, improve accuracy and spend more time on patient care.
  • Manage CPAP device serial numbers in an integrated manner.
  • Manage patient compliance with real-time notifications.
  • Access compliance and therapy reports from Brightree.

The Brightree ReSupply program

Now you can improve the patient experience and optimize revenue streams. Combining proven technology, expert program management, and a repository of the richest resupply data available in the industry, our solution delivers the right tools to effectively manage both the clinical and the ordering side of the business.

Our resupply customers have seen great results:

  • 29% higher resupply revenue
  • 37% greater revenue per order
  • 9% more patients retained in the ReSupply program
  • 1.55M patients enrolled in Brightree ReSupply
"Brightree helps us navigate this maze known as healthcare. At each step, they have our back."
Andy Miller, President, Total Home Health
“50% of our revenue is sleep therapy, and Brightree enables us to excel, drive high patient value and provide outcomes data to our physician partners.”
Gary Sheehan President and CEO, Cape Medical Supply
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