Studies show 95% of home-based patients want instant communication. They also want to communicate in their preferred channels, which increasingly means text message.

Brightree DX allows you to deliver what your patients want — and what your business needs — with real-time collaboration and big-time results.

Texting Orchestrator

Texting Orchestrator keeps patients constantly informed of their status and responsibilities through automated text messages for the best therapy adherence.


eForms uses electronic form-fill functionality so you can collect completed forms with electronic signatures to ensure compliance, accelerate care and product delivery and improve care.


Brightree DX streamlines the way you communicate with your patients. Without having to download an application, patients can receive and return documents, get appointment reminders, and see exactly when deliveries will be at their door. Your staff saves time, and your patients get the convenient communications they want.

It’s simple.

You give your patients the experience they’re seeking – including real-time text and video chat – without having to download an app

It’s automated.

You always keep your patients informed with text messages automatically triggered throughout your workflow

It’s seamless.

You collect documents, form fills and digital requests for signatures without requiring patients to log in or download an app or requiring staff to make calls

It’s collaborative.

You provide better care with care activities coordination, patient discussion groups and patient support worklists that allow care teams and patients to collaborate regardless of where everyone is located

Making phone calls to patients was very labor intensive and we still had issues with no-shows. With Brightree DX, no-shows have dropped off which saves us time and money, and we’ve also received very positive feedback from patients. We’re looking to grow our business and we need good people but also efficient processes. Brightree DX was a no-brainer for us."
Zach Taylor Purchasing Manager, Total Respiratory & Rehab


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