Mobile Delivery provides end-to-end visibility of all deliveries with real-time GPS tracking and improved asset allocation.

Imagine no more lost forms, missing or damaged receipts, fewer write offs and the end of driver revisits and late-night Friday scanning. And that’s just the beginning.

With Brightree Mobile Delivery working for you, everything goes smooth and electronically. All nice and clean, documented and dated, with no missing signatures. It’s the kind of automatic cloud-based convenience both you and your patients will love

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Improve cash flow

Create simpler workflows and collect your revenue right at the point of delivery.

Drive efficiencies

Eliminate paperwork by quickly and easily automating and tracking deliveries, supplies and services.

Quick and easy

Customers can make payments on the spot and sign only once no matter how many deliveries they get.

Transport Manager

Enable dispatchers to centrally plan, schedule and monitor technician activity. You can quickly plan and optimize routes, calculate estimated arrival times, and dispatch routes to drivers’ mobile devices. You can then receive and monitor delivery status in real time, review proof-of-deliver documents and store them in your online content management system. Transport Manager will transform your scheduling and logistics in ways you never thought possible.


Support technicians with a mobile app that prompts pickup and delivery workflows for every step of delivery. Drivers get the flexibility to effectively deliver products to patients. Providers relish the quick way to collect revenue. And patients enjoy the seamless, paperless experience. Now that’s a win-win-win for everybody. Plus, the entire cloud-based process easily integrates into Brightree Business Management Software (BMS).

With Mobile Delivery you can

Reduce your DSO by 8 days or more on average

Eliminate lost delivery and pickup/exchange tickets

Save 50% or more in paper costs

Increase order confirmation without overtime

More ways Brightree Mobile Delivery lessens your load

Revenue Impact

Avoid write-offs

Electronic asset tracking with barcode scanning support, combined with mandatory serial/lot number capture helps reduce lost and misplaced products. And with captured serial numbers, it’s virtually audit-proof.

Eliminate paper

Completed orders are managed, documented, and filed in real-time with proof-of-delivery signature, timestamps and geocodes. That means no more paper, ink and toner costs and the need to scan paperwork.

Confirm orders quickly

Automated real-time order completions reduce DSO and eliminate manual orders that can cause billing headaches. Photo capture effectively documents the orders.

Software advantage

Brightree Mobile Delivery epitomizes the new way to work. You no longer need an “office” to offer best in practice services. Dispatchers can work from kitchen tables. All you need is an internet connection - and Brightree supplies the rest

Patient Satisfaction

Communicate electronically

Collect an email address at time of delivery and documents from that delivery will go straight to that email address. It’s the ultra-convenient way for patients to get copies of their documents, without having to worry about the paper and postage trail.

Simplify the experience

Patients are people, just like you. They enjoy the convenience of email connections and they are now used to making payments on the spot for goods received. It’s all about simplifying their records without any additional work. If you can make their lives easier, you should.



Compliant delivery documentation and automatic document management ensure clean, accurate and transparent transactions.

Delivery tracking

Real-time visibility to field technicians helps manage same-day orders more efficiently. Optimized routing means less wear and tear on vehicles and significantly lower fuel and overtime costs.


Patty Mastandrea, CEO of MedCare Equipment Company in Greensburg, PA.

“With our large fleet and multiple locations, Mobile Delivery has helped us reduce lost paperwork and increase the timeliness of billings and claims, which has been a huge return on our investment.”

Patty Mastandrea, CEO, Medcare Equipment Company

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