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A single platform for your clinical, billing and reporting needs.

Whether it’s home infusion pharmacy or respiratory medications, diabetic supplies, or enteral formulas, Brightree offers a single platform for all of your clinical, billing and reporting needs. Brightree’s comprehensive suite of pharmacy solutions leverages the power of the Brightree engine with the unique workflows required for pharmacy providers.




Brightree ePrescribe OverviewEnables electronic communication in the prescriber’s EHR workflow, following the specific workflows of pharmacy providers, to eliminate manual prescription processes and associated errors while decreasing the time needed to process new prescriptions and renewals. Watch our ePrescribe Overview video:

Manage One Patient Record

Consolidate Pharmacy and HME into one patient record, capture new patient referrals and verify eligibility electronically.

Perform Clinical Monitoring

Integrated clinical decision support enhances patient safety.  As they enter prescriptions, staff members can check medication interactions and allergies, produce English/Spanish Monographs, review lab results, and record progress notes.

Capture, Manage, Share and Secure Documentation

Use integrated tools like Document Management, Brightree MyForms and Electronic Fax to streamline workflows and the documentation process.

Streamline Inventory Management

Enable more efficient inventory control with integrated capabilities like Inventory Management and Fulfillment Services.

Deliver using One Sales Order

Dispense Compound, TPN, and non-Compounded Rxs. Work more efficiently with ePrescribe, customized Rx Label layouts, Quick or Automatic Refill, and combine Pharmacy and HME sales orders and make fewer deliveries.

Optimize Reimbursements

Construct business rules at the payer and product level to help reduce denials and establish standard, repeatable operating procedures across the organization.  The system automatically submits NCPDP and medical claims using the rules you’ve established.

Gain Visibility and Control

One system, one database, one view of inventory, and one billing system arms you with the most accurate business performance data at any time. Business intelligence tools provide access to real-time clinical, operational and financial data through at-a-glance dashboards and detailed, configurable reports to ensure regulatory compliance and optimize business performance.

Improve Customer Service

Increase customer satisfaction and loyalty by making it easier and faster to process orders and deliver necessary medications and HME supplies.

Reduce IT Costs and Overhead

Because the solution is cloud-based, all system upgrades and deployments are handled by Brightree, helping you to focus your resources on what you do best – serving your patients.

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“Brightree gives us a unified view into our HME pharmacy business; so we get more done in less time, without errors, and our compliance and reimbursement rates are greatly improved.”

Sarika Sheth
Pharmacy Manager
Advanced Pharmacy and Respiratory Care Solutions

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