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No other HME/DME software provider can deliver results like Brightree.

At the forefront of interoperability, Brightree’s cloud-based business management software and integrated solutions help you to generate new cash flows, share data seamlessly with your referral sources, dramatically streamline operations and improve profitability.

Core Platform

Simplify your business processes with our powerful cloud-based platform.



Take your Brightree platform to the next level with our integrated solutions.


Billing Services

Dramatically improve your financial performance with our billing solutions.


Professional Services

Supercharge your business with our training, consulting and data services.


Why do thousands of providers choose Brightree HME/DME software?

Get Paid More, Faster

We help our customers get paid as fast as possible and collect as much as possible. Our business rules engine assigns payer rules that are enforced upfront rather than after products have left the building.

Improve Operational Efficiencies

Brightree reduces the amount of work needed to process patients and orders through process simplification and automation. We also give our customers unparalleled visibility into critical business KPIs.

Leverage Connectivity

We enable our customers to seamlessly share data with referral sources, manufacturers/distributors and payers for improved patient care, reduced errors and better workflow efficiency.

Generate New Revenue Streams

Brightree customers increasingly tell us that the new revenue streams they generate with our integrated solutions more than cover their monthly license fees and the fees charged for the solutions.

Request a Demo

Request a Demo

See how Brightree HME/DME Software can help you gain dramatic efficiencies and improve profitability.


"Brightree is the best HME solution, hands down! It’s a complete business management solution that has streamlined our workflow dramatically and has made us far more efficient. The impact – from the inventory, to the initial referral, to the delivery, to getting the CMN, to billing every party – has yielded significant improvements to our inventory management, collections and DSO."

Brad Heath, VP, OperationsFamily Medical Supply

"As software that helps us stay HIPAA-compliant, as a reporting software, as business management software, Brightree is absolutely our favorite."

Tara Elliston, General ManagerGeneva Woods Pharmacy, Inc.

"With Brightree’s continuing investments in technology and R&D, we have a partner we can grow with. The relationship of trust we’ve built with Brightree is helping to ‘future-proof’ our business, so we can close the loop on interoperability and stay engaged with other healthcare platforms, and continue to take care of our patients’ needs."

Patty Mastandrea, COOMedcare Equipment Company

"Brightree is the best solution I’ve used in my 28 years in the industry…and it keeps getting better."

Frank Whitam, ManagerPatients Choice

"With Brightree every order, EOB, CMN and Purchase Order is just a click away. I believe our whole company would be in agreement that this was the best move our company could have made."

Jaivan EwingCarolina Home Medical

"In today's market Brightree is the best billing software on the market for DME. On their platform they continue to make improvements and there is no new software to purchase and load."

Kenneth Friend, ManagerQuality Home HealthCare Inc, Sanford, NC

"I absolutely LOVE Brightree's tech support department. In the event that they do not know the answer, they always follow through with explanations."

Dawn HurstHome Medical Professionals Inc.

"I love the Brightree system. You can access from anywhere you have an internet connection. Great for 'on call' after hours information."

Garrett RickardMedical Products Group
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