We know that HME documentation can be difficult to manage—it’s a time-intensive chore, and when you’re completing it manually, there’s huge potential for errors.

And when you’re dealing with incomplete and missing documentation, your reimbursement can take a real hit.

At Brightree, we solve your challenges with a suite of HME documentation solutions to capture, share, manage, and store all documentation electronically within the Brightree platform. The end result is referral documentation that’s efficient and secure.

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Document Management

Intelligent document automation

Brightree Document Management software is an advanced solution for capturing, managing, sharing, and securing documentation electronically within Brightree. That means everything is stored securely in one place, and indexed for easy accessibility whenever you need it.

The documentation software goes beyond simple imaging: Brightree Document Management is an intelligent solution that puts documents where your workflows require them to be. And deliveries and billing are automatically released once documentation is complete.

Benefits for you:

Confidence that all necessary documentation is captured, products will be delivered, and claims will be submitted properly

A 60%-70% reduction in audit response times with an integrated audit response


Intelligent forms. Secure messaging.

MyForms is a completely configurable documentation and workflow management platform that helps eliminate paper forms, improve audit outcomes, and create process integrity across your organization—and it’s all done within Brightree.

Benefits for you:

How it works

  • Workpath logic: MyForms streamlines and enforces a disciplined documentation collection process that distributes work to individuals or teams with established step-by-step workpaths. Dashboards offer visibility into front-end activities and prioritize user work by revenue and time goals.
  • Intelligent forms: The solution auto-generates and completes all required forms based on HCPCS, payer, and diagnosis codes on your Brightree sales order. Once the forms are created, dynamic data exchange will automatically populate the document with the patient and order data from Brightree. This significantly reduces order-processing time as well as the likelihood of human error.
  • Document compliance: With embedded intelligence, MyForms helps ensure that each document is correct and complete before processing.
  • Secure messaging: MyForms coordinates care via secure messaging, so staff can quickly resolve issues and reduce costly errors.
  • eSignature: The solution captures electronic signatures on any document. Once signed, documents are returned and workflow tasks are automatically updated.
  • Document management: For providers using both MyForms and Brightree Document Management, completed forms are automatically indexed, and stored to the correct patient record in Brightree.


Go paperless for a truly integrated fax workflow

Our eFax solution enables inbound and outbound electronic faxes, so you can receive the information you need, without the hassles, waste, and expense of paper. Every month, Brightree processes more than 2 million pages, which are integrated directly into the Brightree platform for paper-free efficiency.

With no paper to handle or misplace, eFax saves time and storage space, and reduces audit risk. And when you integrate eFax with the Brightree Document Management system, electronic faxes can be attached to the patient record for easy document storage.

What eFax can help you do:

  • Reduce steps for inbound faxing by up to 50% and outbound faxing by as much as 75%
  • Customize and assign work status to incoming faxes
  • Locate and filter any fax with ease
  • Make notes, assign, index, and file—all right from your inbound fax worklist
  • Sync with patient records automatically
  • Review the audit history for both inbound and outbound faxes
  • Work seamlessly with Brightree MyForms and Brightree Document Management to automatically store faxes and trigger workflows

For tools that integrate directly with your medical providers’ systems, take a look at our growing portfolio of ePrescribe solutions.

Jaime Walsh, Director of Compliance & Training, Epic Medical Solutions

“We get hundreds of time-sensitive faxes every day, and Brightree Document Management has completely automated the process for how we receive those faxes, communicate to referral sources, and assign tasks.”

Jaime Walsh, Director of Compliance & Training, Epic Medical Solutions


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