Brightree’s multi-channel solution to patient collections is ideally suited for your business today and into the future.

If your business is still sending out statements via USPS and collecting payments in the mail, we can handle this process for you. But imagine how much more you could collect if you took advantage of our digital and automated solutions?


By going digital-first, you will be providing your patients with the experience they prefer and the convenience they crave. You’ll also get paid sooner and get paid more often with services that automate steps in the process that previously required manual intervention from your staff. Greater patient satisfaction and increased office efficiency is a win-win.

Increase collections and reduce administrative costs with these digital solutions.


Easy to set up and use, AutoPAY ensures the patient’s card on file is automatically charged for the entire balance, every time.

eDelivery and Texting

Help ensure more timely payments with automated email notifications of electronic invoices sent straight to your patients’ email, as well as direct text messages via Brightree Digital Experience.

Patient Portal

Once they register, patients can easily view and track payments, as well as keep a card on file for automatic processing.


Jennifer Leon, reduce costs and improve patient experience with eDelivery

Core Services

We have everything your team needs to succeed.  While the majority of patients today prefer digital, providing the option of traditional methods can ensure you continue to collect balances from all of your patients.

Letter processing

Patients receive simple, easy-to-understand invoices, followed by a series of automated past-due and pre-collect letters at strategic intervals, all via USPS.

AR Dashboard

Web-based platform enables you to manage and monitor your patient AR throughout the billing and collections workflow.


Your Brightree partner provides you with regular reports to ensure your collections strategy is successful.

Patient Sync

Patient information syncs seamlessly with the Brightree system for easy financial management.

Phone collections

When a customer fails to pay in the normal billing cycle, Brightree has relationships with collections agencies that attempt to recoup the owed balance.

Calling services as staff extensions

Communicating with your patients keeps them informed – and you in control.

Inbound Payment

Our Interactive Voice Response (IVR) technology receives inbound calls to provide patients with 24/7 payment capability

Virtual Agent

The IVR places outbound calls at strategic intervals, reminding patients of balances owed.

Live Agent

Our knowledgeable live agents serve as an extension of your internal staff on both inbound and outbound calls, collecting payments, updating insurance, and ensuring AutoPAY is up-to-date.

More services to make your life easier

Mobile Pay App turns a mobile device into an instant payment tool, allowing staff to process patient payments in real time – while eliminating manual entry and saving time.

Lockbox automated patient payment processing accelerates receivables and improves deposits while mitigating risk.

Why you should keep a card on file

Keeping a card on file is one of the easiest and most effective ways to help ensure profitability. Doing so benefits the provider and the patient. Here are five reasons why every provider should adopt the “card on file” mentality.

Recurring payments ensure no delays.

The last thing a patient wants is to experience delays in receiving equipment. When a patient receives recurring equipment or supplies, and a card is secured, everyone wins. The patient encounters no delays, and the provider gets paid.

Cards make the whole experience seamless.

In today’s consumerism, it’s all about convenience, convenience, convenience. Your patients are busy and so is your staff, so who has time to chase down payments? Keeping a card on file and giving patients visibility into their account makes it easy for all.

Getting paid on time is now expected.

Remember that patients are payers too! You must start treating your patients as you would a commercial payer because patient payments are just as important. Don’t be afraid to collect for all services rendered. Every other service provider collects, why shouldn’t you?

The card model is already working.

Welcome to the new norm in healthcare payments and revenue cycle management. Practices from pediatricians and vision clinics to dentists and audiologists have already adopted the card on file method. And so should you.

Some providers are collecting up to 97%.

Are you? Providers need to find a more cost-effective, efficient, and sustainable way to collect for services and sending out snail mail is not the answer. Keeping a card on file, however, is.

MedTech Breakthrough award 2021

Brightree Patient Collections (BPC) solution has been selected as the winner of the “Best New Technology Solution for Healthcare Payment” award in the fifth annual MedTech Breakthrough Awards program conducted by MedTech Breakthrough, an independent market intelligence organization that recognizes the top companies, technologies and products in the global health and medical technology market.

“Thanks to Brightree, our collection rate rose to over 90%. We couldn’t believe the results.”
Michael Hadden, General Manager, O'Neal Medical
“Brightree Patient Collections has improved our ability to collect, both on the front end and the back end. Being able to collect on the front end, with a credit card on file that runs automatically when these patients get an invoice opened up to them, that’s a pretty big deal.”
Tara Elliston, General Manager, Geneva Woods
“Brightree Patient Collections gives us a proactive, secure way to set up patient payments and it’s significantly reduced what we’ve needed to send out to third-party collections. Plus the Brightree team did a great job with scripting and training to instill confidence in our ability to deliver the program to our patients.”
Patty Mastandrea, CEO, Medcare Equipment Company
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