Brightree is now the backbone of our entire business and operational system. It all plugs in there.

Matt Ford, COO, Sail Healthcare
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Retail sales can be a valuable component of your HME business. But with the purchase of payment-processing equipment, and the hassles of integrating those sales with your billing management system, the costs can quickly outweigh the benefits.

Fortunately, Brightree has the answer: It’s a point-of-sale solution that eliminates the need for expensive equipment and integrates seamlessly with other Brightree software solutions. Our HME medical billing software means inventory quantities, receipts, and other relevant data are all updated in real time.


Our POS solution helps you stay in sync with each transaction. Our intuitive touchscreen interface is optimized to provide a quick and accurate checkout process. There is an option for a biometric (fingerprint) login, and robust security and an audit trail are built in.

There’s no need to purchase a cash register or other expensive proprietary equipment or applications either, as Brightree offers support for cash drawers, bar code readers, and credit card transactions. Simply set up a regular PC with an 80 mm standard receipt printer and any other supported hardware peripherals your location uses—or is required by law to use—and you’ll be ready to manage your retail transactions quickly and easily. You can even customize your receipts with your branch logo, contact information, return policy, and other messages.

It’s the complete, easy-to-use, flexible point-of-sale solution to streamline your retail HME operation.

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  • Work efficiently, with an intuitive touchscreen interface
  • Secure access with a user-specific biometric login
  • Configure one or more POS terminals for single or multiple locations
  • Manage returns from different locations
  • Accept payments by cash, check, and credit card
  • Accept multiple payment types for a single transaction
  • Accept and apply patient payments on account
  • Use the quick-sale feature to facilitate fast transactions while still capturing demographic and contact information
  • Issue and track store credits
  • Issue refunds or apply discounts with supervisor-defined security, including management overrides
  • Print receipts with customized logo and messaging
  • Integrate solutions with most POS for .Net-supported barcode scanner, printer, cash drawer, and credit card reader
  • Run daily transaction reports with a detailed transaction audit trail
  • Account for all payment types with daily reconciliation
  • Track sales by user, for sales contests or commissions