Available for both HME and Pharmacy, Brightree Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) solutions optimize billing systems to help you spend less time chasing collections and more time serving your patients.

There’s enough to keep you busy in running your business without having to constantly worry about money flow. Labor shortages, staffing costs, turnover and role changes can all lead to payment disruptions. You need a trusted, experienced team to help you reduce turnaround time so you can receive payments faster.

Maybe that’s why over 60% of all HME/DME providers rely on Brightree. This growing relationship gives us unparalleled insights into industry best practices – so we can offer you the predictability and visibility you need to maximize profits while achieving growth and sustainability.

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Dedicated Knowledge

Our team works exclusively in Brightree and is the only team that participates in design and testing.

Vast Experience

You’ll work with a team that has decades of combined industry experience, including pharmaceutical.

Immediate Impact

When you’re ready to benefit from the best revenue cycle management in healthcare, we’re ready to deliver – from day one.

Scaling Up

As your business grows, we can easily scale up to meet your demands with proven customized solutions.

Synergy for Success

Training. Education. Product management. Data Security. Our first-class practice management software and technical support work together in a smoothly flowing ecosystem designed to help you get the most out of revenue cycle management.

The more solutions you leverage, the more likely you are to succeed. No wonder Brightree has successful relationships with over 2,200 HME/DME/Pharmacy companies.

RCM Intake Services

Automated patient intake systems help maximize efficiency, reduce waste, and ensure excellent documentation. Easily maintain electronic health records and encourage clear communication between patients, employees, and insurance companies with software solutions that:

  • Streamlines process referrals, including new patients
  • Reviews payers and items for acceptance
  • Verifies patient insurance and benefits
  • Creates PAR tasks
  • Reviews all patient medical documentation
  • Manages CMN process
  • Completes sales orders to client specifications
  • Schedules delivery

RCM Full Service Billing

We take the billing off your plate so you can focus on what’s important: taking care of patients and growing your business. Our process includes:

  • Reviewing and confirming sales orders
  • Documenting for accuracy and compliance
  • Managing claim claims and claim rejections
  • Resolving denials and resubmitting claims
  • Monitoring key performance metrics
  • Simplifying the payment process
  • Maximizing efficiencies through best practices

Intake-to billing process

You focus on relationships from patient management and referrals to product delivery and Brightree will focus on the details:

  • Eligibility and insurance verification
  • Process Documentation
  • Sales order QA and confirmation
  • Managing claims and denials
  • A/R

What is realized by the average customer utilizing Brightree RCM?

average increase in net revenue collection ratio

improvement in 90-day claim resolution


Learn how implementing an effective revenue cycle management system helps increases cash collections – and what metrics for success we look for when we engage with your business.

RCM delivers results

Brightree Revenue Cycle Management has a proven track record in helping HMEs to reduce collections costs while increasing cash flow. Benefits you’ll treasure:

Minimized disruption

Minimized disruption from staffing costs and time commitment relating to recruiting, training, benefits, overtime, turnover, and vacation time.

Cleaner claims

Cleaner claims processing and faster follow-up on A/R aging to minimize productivity losses and improve reimbursement.

Data-driven insights

Data-driven insights and recommendations through monthly business reviews with Brightree experts.

Getting revenue faster

Getting revenue faster will give you more precious time to focus on your patients and grow your business.


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