Automate diagnostic respiratory testing for a more efficient process and faster patient care

With Brightree’s Diagnostic Testing integration, HMEs can route orders for pulse oximetry and other diagnostic tests from diagnostic testing service (DTS) systems and view results directly from within Brightree, virtually eliminating the need for duplicate data entry and drastically reducing workflow interruptions. And the integration comes at no additional charge for Brightree HME customers.

Stop losing sleep over diagnostic testing! Brightree Diagnostic Testing helps you…

  • Increase your efficiency with less administrative burden
  • Cut costs out of the ordering process
  • Replace manual paper submissions done by fax and phone or through a testing partner’s website with a fully integrated solution
  • Serve your patients faster and more reliably
  • Make your referral sources more confident in your speed and abilities
  • Eliminate trips to the patient’s home to confirm results!


Brightree Diagnostic Testing capabilities:

  • Transmit patient-centric data from Brightree to the DTS system
  • Receive notification of test completion with status information from the DTS system to Brightree
  • View test results and other reports / documents stored in the DTS system from within Brightree

HMEs have even more capabilities when Diagnostic Testing is coupled with Brightree Document Management:

  • Share supporting test documentation from within Brightree Document Management to the DTS system
  • Automatically store test results from the DTS system into Brightree Document Management upon notification of test completion


Integrated Diagnostic Testing Partners

Advanced Diagnostic Solutions Integration

Learn more about how the integration between Brightree and Advanced Diagnostic Solutions, Inc. (ADSI) is creating greater workflow efficiencies for HME providers.

VirtuOx Integration

VirtuOx, Inc. provides diagnostic tools and services that enable a variety of healthcare organizations and professionals to diagnose and treat respiratory diseases through vertically integrated platforms, products and services.

"With Brightree’s Diagnostic Testing integration, all our information is in one system, so it’s accountable and trackable. This gives us a new level of visibility into operations."

Brian Desmarais, Chief Operating OfficerHome Care Specialists, Inc.

"Automating pulse oximetry testing through Brightree’s Diagnostic Testing integration is helping us save more than 8 hours of processing time per month — that’s time we can put back into actual helping our patients."

Krista Longoria, Respiratory TherapistVantage Home Medical Equipment & Services

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