Why are our referrals stronger? Because now we can spend more time delivering great patient care.

Brad Heath, Vice President of Operations, Family Medical Supply
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Efficiency, ease, and accuracy

Award-winning interoperability for the HME referral process

Post-acute care providers can improve both their visibility and their relationships with medical providers in their communities, all while saving time on referral processing.

Brightree ePrescribe does it all—without the inaccuracies and delays that so frequently occur with paper documentation.

Our ePrescribe solutions create a seamless connection between your HME/DME business and clinical providers, allowing you to receive orders from your medical providers using their preferred method, and process referrals electronically.

The HME ePrescribe solution integrates with leading electronic health/medical records (EHR/EMR) and third-party vendors, so you can share patient data easily—including all documentation, demographics, insurance data, progress notes, vitals, and diagnoses.

This new level of interoperability means your business is no longer just a commodity—you’ll gain greater visibility among medical providers, and outshine your “unplugged” competitors.

What can ePrescribe do for you?