Interoperability for the HME referral process

Brightree’s ePrescribe solutions seamlessly connect your HME/DME with clinical providers to electronically receive and process orders, more efficiently and accurately than ever before. Our integrations with leading electronic health/medical records (EHR/EMR) as well as third-party vendors enable you to receive orders from your referral sources in their preferred method and share patient data with them — including required documentation, demographics, insurance information, progress notes, vitals and diagnosis information – without the inaccuracies and delays that paper documentation creates.

This new level of interoperability means your HME is no longer a commodity in healthcare. Our ePrescribe solutions help your HME gain greater visibility with your referral sources over your “unplugged” competitors.

What can ePrescribe do for you?

  • Improve your bottom line by eliminating manual labor and the need to chase down referral sources for documentation, and speeding up reimbursement
  • Identify and match existing patients or create new records as needed
  • Reconcile and map insurance against verified insurance records in Brightree
  • Give you back more time to focus on patient care

Plus, our ePrescribe solutions integrate directly with Brightree Document Management, so all referral documentation is stored securely and indexed for easy accessibility.

With ePrescribe, all providers can stay fully up to speed on the patient’s overall care plan, and you can fulfill orders for equipment and supplies more quickly and more accurately, with the assurance that you’ll get reimbursed in a timely fashion.

ePrescribe Integrations

Enables your HME as a “preferred provider” to digitally receive orders from more than 100,000 providers using athenaClinicals within the athenahealth network.

Bring interoperability to your HME to automate the referral of patients and the ordering process from the health system and hospital setting.

Bidirectionally connect with physicians for real-time visibility and less wait time for HIPPA-compliant documentation required for medical necessity and payer reimbursement.

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