Streamline order intake and automate purchasing with improved accounting and physical inventory control.

Embedded directly within the Brightree system, Brightree’s Inventory Management solution significantly increases productivity and enhances customer service. Shipments you receive in the morning are reflected instantly in your inventory and are available for delivery immediately. Our robust capabilities help you maximize inventory turns, flag obsolete and superseded products and deter inventory theft.


  • Flexible item status, which places controls on inventory to dictate whether items can be reordered or sold
  • Historical data on all inventory transactions including transfers between warehouses
  • Purchasing within Brightree follows your natural workflow
  • Reorder and overstock reports to facilitate just in time inventory
  • Minimum/maximum stock level reports
  • Brightree’s Auto-Reorder report automatically creates a purchase request based upon current items on-hand and minimums – then, just a click of a button to confirm orders easily and create PO’s by vendor

Order Intake

  • Utilize any Internet-enabled handheld scanning device to quickly and easily add items to Brightree sales orders and purchase orders
  • Built-in controls, which require entering of valid serial numbers or lot numbers and quantity to be on-hand before delivery, can be confirmed in the system
  • Inventory is setup and defined to make order intake feasible while referral is on the phone
  • Generic records speed up the process of creating a delivery ticket
  • Pre-configured bundles facilitate fast and easy dispensing on new set-ups and eliminate forgetting any components
  • Meet accreditation requirements automatically by tracking the location of serialized equipment and identifying patients who have specific lot numbers

Delivery & Fulfillment

  • Designation of resellers, trucks, physicians and more as “secondary warehouses” allows you to manage and track extra inventory accurately
  • Bin locations which print on delivery tickets, speeding product fulfillment
  • Maintenance of equipment (scheduled upkeep or repair) is available; follow-up reminders to drivers can be created and tracked by management


  • Know the exact value of your inventory at any point in time as transactions are recorded by date
  • Management of multiple billing branches and multiple warehouses, which makes centralized billing with remote warehouse facilities a snap
  • Calculation of depreciation schedule
  • Tracking of lot numbers and serial numbers

Physical Inventory

  • Utilize wireless Internet-enabled handheld scanning devices to quickly, easily, and accurately help you count warehouse items into the Brightree system in real time
  • Physical Inventory Count Worksheet can be generated in bin number order and allows for cycle counting

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